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Lady Storm

6 months ago

Beyond disappointed I LOVED ME sum Viva Chicken! The sauce they have a unique flavor and the chicken is moist & flavorful. NOT TODAY. It appears to be, but can we say dry!?! The corn salad was under cooked and the sauce were watered down. I can only imagine the issues restaurants are having , but to sell food thats not up to standard, good quality is just terrible. The beans are good and they have a avocado dish thats amazing. The restaurant was very clean & customer service was great! Theyve always been great with communication, making you feel welcomed. The prices have tremendously increased, but thats everywhere. There great menu selections, a nice variety!


L Cuevas

8 months ago

This is an update to my previous post. Im now giving than 4 stars. I decided to drop in and grab lunch today and it was great. The chicken was hot and tasty and the fried rice was excellent. Everything was brought to the my table quickly. Prior review: I eat at Viva Chicken all the time. My granddaughter loves it. I picked up my order tonight and the plantains were burnt and the chicken was dry like it had been sitting there for a while. It also looked as if it had been picked on and returned by a customer. Im not going to give up on them yet because I know that a lot of restaurants are short staffed, but the quality should still be there regardless. Hopefully when I return, things will be back to normal. I will update my review if theyre back on track.


Mara Peters

7 months ago

We like Viva Chicken, but this location is very inconsistent! Salads are always brown and kind of look like past due, the topo a like cucumber, tomatoes were old and saggy, only 2 slices of cucumbers and tomatoes pulled chicken was dry.


Kayla Dagout

8 months ago

I absolutely love this place. The food is great, the place is clean, and I absolutely love their customer service. Every time I come here I get to see Nicole who is one of the staff that help me with my order. She is absolutely adorable, friendly and good at what she do. Highly recommend this place.



a year ago

Love, love this place! The chicken is well seasoned and well grilled, and all three sauces are great (I'm totally a sauce person). The fried rice is da bomb! The plantains are a perfect accompaniment to the fried rice. Green beans are super. Prices are very reasonable. Friendly service too. Get down here!

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