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Bob Sell

2 months ago

Like most places they seem to be having staffing issues which is affecting quality of service. Food is really good for the price. Steak tacos, grilled chicken sandwich with bee sting sauce, fish and chips, and food truck chicken and rice are all great dishes. Hopefully they will be able to get staffing levels back up and provide a little quicker service. The big issue was waiting on the bar drinks - the appetizer came before the drinks which just shouldn't happen. Overall good place to eat, lots of TVs and good atmosphere.


Nicholas Pillo

2 weeks ago

We come here every Wednesday for wing night. The wings are always very tasty (and cheap!) and the service over the past few weeks has been outstanding. Huge thanks to Steven for going above and beyond each time we see him.


Amanda Deason

2 weeks ago

We stopped in this morning to try out brunch because everywhere else was packed for breakfast. We were very disappointed. While I understand Hickory Tavern is more of a sports bar, if you offer it on your menu you should deliver a quality product. My husband got the chicken and waffle sandwich, daughter got the grits, bacon eggs bowl and I had the steak and egg tacos. My husband's waffles were good, but that where it stopped. Grits had zero flavor even being loaded down with cheese and scallions, bacon was way undercooked, and the steak was overcooked, more fat than meat and what meat was there was chewy and it seemed that it was being covered up with a sauce, tomatoes, and scallions again. To leave a meal hungry is sad. We spoke to our waitress, who then reported to her GM. While our meal was comped by half, that was not the point. We did not go into a restaurant looking for a free meal, we wanted a quality meal. I would strongly encourage sticking with their normal menu and steer clear of the brunch menu.


Ashley Bostic

11 months ago

I love hickory tavern, its like a staple in my family but can you relay the message whoever puts Lindas turkey melt together to chop up the turkey?! The last several times Ive come here, the turkey isnt finely chopped and taste terrible that way. PLEASE go back to chopping the turkey. Thanks!! :-)


Jason Turner

8 months ago

Always good food and service here. Outside seating is beautiful. It only gets over crowded when sports fans are out. Love this place

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