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Christina Lassiter

3 months ago

Magnolia Woods was amazing during the whole wedding planning process! They were very responsive in answering any and all questions that I had. The staff during our wedding were very friendly and made sure everyone was taken care of! We could not have asked for a better venue. The food was wonderful. Our guests were raving about it the next day. Great value for your money.


Dj Skye

3 weeks ago

Endless Dreams Entertainment Djed a Wedding here! The venue is fabulous!


Aura Agape

3 months ago

I attended a great party. The ambience and sound system is great.


Lauren Hughes

8 months ago

There are so many wonderful things that I could say about this staff and venue! I had my wedding ceremony and reception here earlier this month and it was perfect in every way. From the first tour, to the tasting, to the final layout meeting, to the rehearsal, to the big day - the Magnolia Woods staff was there every step of the way ready to answer my questions and assure me of any concerns that I might have had. We originally spoke with Jennifer who showed us around the venue when we were first interested. She did a great job of explaining all of the amenities and everything that they would help with should we choose them. When we finally decided this was the place for us and we took care of all of the formalities, we did our tasting with the on-site caterers and discussed all of our ideas. From that meeting with Jodi, to the following meetings, we were provided with many different options that were just what we were looking for. Jodi also gave us a ton of creative suggestions along the way that improved upon our ideas and made them better. During our whole wedding weekend, Ashley was there to support us in any way that she could. She did a phenomenal job with making sure that everything was timely and went according to plan. On our wedding day, she was there at the venue early in the morning helping us with any last minute details. She personally checked on me (Bride) throughout the whole day making sure I had everything that I needed. She even stayed throughout most of the night during our reception, which was not expected of her but very much appreciated. These are just a few names from the incredible staff at Magnolia Woods, and I cannot thank each of them enough for everything they did to make our day as perfect as it was! I could not have asked for a better day. Everything was absolutely beautiful and I got rave reviews all night from guests on how awesome the food, staff, and venue was! Everything was exceptional! Thank you Magnolia Woods!


Whitney Johnson

9 months ago

I was in the wedding party for an October bride who held her reception here. The process was disjointed from the start due to bride and Mother of the Bride (MOTB) dealing with up to 4 different people along the way. One owner was very pleasant to work with, however they never knew who they'd be dealing with along the way. Emails came from different admin/owner/staff members; meetings were with different people also. Later it was clear to see that this negatively impacted their event. Their processes aren't streamlined and that ended up causing issues for the reception. Things that the contract stated were included (very simple things: tea/lemonade) were not provided despite being reviewed several times along the way via contract reviews and meetings. The Bride's biggest request for the room to be kept cool didn't happen either and the staff blamed it on a guest turning on the heat (at one point it was 78 degrees in the main room). The MOTB spent the better part of an hour of her daughter's wedding reception dealing with staff to the point of having to get out her contract to show them that tea/lemonade were included before they would put it out for guests. She should not have been spending a precious hour of an event she'll never get back resolving the drink issue for guests. Upon complaint by both MOTB and Bride post-honeymoon the owner(s) did not offer even a slight refund (any small gesture would have been appreciated) to soothe the frustration with the issues. The venue is beautiful, the food was delicious but the process and delivery of customer service is clearly still in need of further development.