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Junet Vasquez

a week ago

I wanted to take my daughter some where for her to relax after classes ended for the summer. I looked into many places and the ambience that I saw online (I do not live in Charlotte) was very nice. So without seeing the place in person I made appointments for her and I. This was her first massage and facial. I have had several of both. She really enjoyed the treatments and would like to go back. I enjoyed my treatments as well and would go back again. The staff was very friendly and professional. I will definitely by gift cards for my daughter to treat herself with classes starting again in August.


Debi raxter

a month ago

I want to live here! My daughter gave me a gift certificate for Mothers Day and I am putting this on the list for every year! I had the 90 minute Head-to-toe and Alex is amazing. The tea is wonderful and the atmosphere is so chill it gives you the desire to be nice to mean people. Definitely give them a try. You wont regret it.


Hannah Watanabe

4 weeks ago

My husband and I chose Urbana Tea Lounge to start out our anniversary weekend. We wanted a nice cup of tea, in a calm and rest environment (instead of the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop). There was a shower going on, and the group of 10+ women were all but yelling and joking about how they shouldnt be so loud. The staff was nice, but did nothing to keep the shenanigans under control. One staff person left to get stuff from the store to package up food for the shower, leaving the receptionist slammed. It took about 10 minutes to check out, only for the receptionist to not know what to charge us.


April Marshall

3 months ago

Hands down one of the best spas that I've been to in Charlotte! Lauren was my massage therapist and she was amazing. The hot towel on the calves was a new benefit for me. I walk in heels all day so that definitely helped! Well worth the pricing and great setup. I would have preferred a more private area for our girls day so as not to disturb others but other than that the experience was amazing!



5 months ago

I've been coming to Urbana for a few months now but today was truly the best experience I've ever had. I've had Misti for a facial for the first time and she was AMAZING! She did things that were not even apart of the facial like cleaning out ears, eyebrows, and a treatment for arms, hands, and elbows. She even used extra scrubs. I will be going back just to request her. I also had Brittany for the first time for a massage. She was incredibly nice and it was one of the best massages I ever received. I will be requesting her again as well.