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Nahleen Allen

a month ago

Honestly so disappointed with the interaction I had with this company. Me and 2 other friends had saw the store front and all the graphics and we were instantly intrigued. We saw lights on and no sign saying if they were open or closed. The door was unlocked so we assumed that the business was open. When we walked in one man greeted us asking how we were and we replied with were good. which is a typical response for when being asked that. Another lady immediately had an attitude and made snarky remarks like so you just walk in here and tell the owner youre good? We were so confused because we didnt know what we did to provoke that response. The man said that they were closed so we were very apologetic once we realized, despite how hostile the situation was. I wouldnt recommend this establishment if you want a personal experience.


Kevin Garcia

4 years ago

I came to BLK MRKT CLT for a photography workshop and I loved the energy and encouragement! There were people from very different levels of experience and it was a very positive group. The price for the workshop is very well justified for the amount of information given, as well as using it for networking and experience. They even had a model come to the workshop and help everyone learn how to interact with a model and give creative direction.


Varian Shrum

9 months ago

BLK MRKT is an amazing space for Black creatives, and at the forefront of pushing Charlotte's arts and culture scene. Highly recommend checking out their studio.


Aeriana Gallipeau

3 years ago

I love the space of BLKMRKCLT, & the creatives are phenomenal. Community driven.


Milik Kashad

2 years ago

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