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Dina B.

7 months ago

Taking a Continuing Education online course right now -- this Fall '21. The campus is awesome when I want/need to do something in-person, registration and tech team are super helpful. I want to take more classes here and learn a bunch of stuff lol.


yazz Medina

4 months ago

Is you want ELS come join us learn English


Vic King - Ms. Incredible, a.k.a Former Xmen

3 months ago

I used to attend college here and its an amazing institution! This review came 15 years late though!


Kami Pate

a year ago

Terrible with finacial aid, your number will always change and they will give with next to nothing. Make sure you take 12 credits (+5 classes) or else youll have $30.51 as your refund like me and have to drop out because you cant afford a book fee. . Unhelpful and after this semester i will be transferring somewhere better.


Scott Snider

11 months ago

Very nice facilities.

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