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Ben P

6 months ago

What's not to love about a beautiful building filled with books? Large enough to have a very wide selection (especially their cookbooks, call number: 641), and my son loves their kid's section on the ground floor. The terrace on the second floor is also amazing!


Priscilla Webb

5 months ago

New design is awful! Chairs are exceptionally uncomfortable. They scream, "get what you came for and get out! Your are not welcome to sit and read here" The teen rooms are off limits ... even during hours when teens are in school. And the computers in the computer section are so close together that there is no screen privacy. The design and the decorum does communicates, get your material and go, not warmth and welcome. In summary, bonds and taxer payer would have been better spent tearing it down. Lets hope the same architecture firm is not designing the main library.


Elizabeth P

8 months ago

This library was worst, the librarians who saw the hate crime situation from the beginning appropriately repeatedly apologized to me when I was standing there speechless at 1 library user actually RUDELY UNREASONABLY cursed directly at me like a crazy persons around this area. I walked away after I told the librarians to let the branch manager know who that crazy antagonistic caucasian woman was and that I felt very threatened by per WHICH THE SITUATION WAS CLEARLY CAPTURED by library interior cameras. I came home but the branch manager failed to call me and did NOT EVEN cross check the situation that day and emaiped me SIMPLY went with a stupid fact that I moved to home from Charlotte to Matthews, so, should not come to this library?! I believe this is NOT Charlotte Mecklenburg public library POLICY RULE, otherwise, you should have practice and enact the same to every single library users(patrons/visitors/community residents) including former and current residents. This won't apply to visitors though especially when a person offend/attack/antagonistically threatened against another (benign/mindful) person CLEARLY.


David Cooper

4 months ago

Early voting today! Setup was great and efficient thank you to the volunteers!


Nicole Watts

a year ago

My favorite library! On weekdays there are always tons of common area study tables available, and staff members are friendly and helpful. It's also located in a really beautiful shopping center off of a street lined with mature trees, so it's a pretty tranquil space for a study sesh in general.

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