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Issa Vibe Adventures was established in July of 2017 by three friends that came together in Charlotte, NC to explore the mountains in search of one of it’s many waterfalls. The three friends documented their entire experience and displayed it on social media. To their shock, there was an overwhelming interest displayed by their followers. They immediately knew they were on to something. Not only did they have tons of fun reconnecting with nature, at that moment, they knew they could help other people of color do the same thing. And in that moment, Issa Vibe Adventures Group (a.k.a. Issa Vibe) was formed.

Issa Vibe was founded on the principles of exposing people of color to various outdoor activities that are not very common for their demographic. The trio yearned to diversify nature through visuals, engagement, and making people of color feel wanted, comfortable and accepted in nature.

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