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Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture





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The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts and Culture serves as a reflective prism to present, preserve and promote African-American art, culture and history for the enlightenment of all.

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Michelle Porter

2 months ago

I was mostly excited to visit this museum to learn more about art that represents my culture. I was disappointed. There is very little artwork. There were several empty canvases on the wall. It took approximately five minutes to view the couple of galleries they have. I wanted to give this museum positive reviews because I really want to support African American artists. However, I believe businesses have a responsibility to give their customers quality for their money. I didn't leave feeling like I had a great experience.


Jabarrus Jones

6 months ago

Enjoyed my visit to the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture. I love the architecture of this building. It's located off South Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte, NC. The tickets are inexpensive and there is free, off the street parking available. The host was very nice and informative. They currently have 3 exhibits Visible Man: Art and Black Male Subjectivity, FuturePresent: Acquisition Highlights from the Permanent Collection, and Reflections of a People: Photographs from the Archive of Jamel Shabazz. I enjoyed the unique pieces by Radcliffe Bailey and Ernest Shaw. Some of the captiviting photos by Shabazz give you a glimpse of Black culture in New York around the 1970s and early 80s. All amazing exhibits with great pieces that embody the Black culture. Great experience.


A Campbell

5 months ago

Excellent! Very colorful and creative pieces. My favorite piece was the divine comedy (1st photo with red trim). Everyone was very friendly. Highly recommend!


Taylor Anglin

4 months ago

While this museum was small, there were some amazing art pieces. I loved seeing black artists work on display. I went close to closing so I had the place to myself which was cool. I wish there was more, but nevertheless it was a great experience! Excited to visit again in the future!


Briana C

2 weeks ago

February was my first time visiting the Harvey B. Gantt Center. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Although small the 3 exhibits were beautiful and intriguing! The art speaks for itself and the pieces selected for each exhibit were well selected. It was a great way to celebrate Black History Month and I am glad Ashley and Yelp selected this event for the elites to experience! The building was beautiful on the inside and very clean. They have a very nice gift shop located on the first floor with lots of items from Black owned businesses, lots of items affordable also. The ticket counter and one exhibit is located on the 2nd floor and the 2 other exhibits are located on the 3rd floor. The 4th floor is used for events I believe. I highly recommend if you've never been!

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