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President James K. Polk State Historic Site





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The President James K. Polk State Historic Site is located on 21 of the original 150 acres given to Samuel Polk and his bride Jane Knox after their marriage in 1794. The Polk Family lived on the land until 1806, moving when James was 11 to the Duck River Valley in Tennessee.

The site now consists of a visitor center, with a self-guided museum and film, historic log cabins, a nature trail, a family cemetery, and the original monument erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution at the site. Guided tours of the historic area are conducted daily. The site is also a wonderful place to enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature just off the highway. Walk our short nature trail, take advantage of the picnic area, and explore the family cemetery with beautifully-carved tombstones from the 18th century.

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Diana Freytag

7 months ago

Went in for a music and dance event. It was fun but way too warm, and not enough shadow. They had live folk music, food, beer and games for the kids. It was nice . We also visit the little space where there is an exhibition about president Polk. I found the exhibition not very informative, I couldnt follow a history line easily. I wish they had people making guide visits . The parking was $5 per car , and we didnt had to pay to enter. People were very nice. There was 2 cabins on is possible to see how people lived back then .


Courtnie Weaver

2 months ago

This is a really fun place to go, especially if you want to walk around and learn about the past. We spent a little over an hour there but we did not hike any trails. They have a cute little museum with all sorts of fun old times games! I would definitely come back to walk the trails!!


Isaiah Washington

a week ago

There's probably nothing wrong with this place but went here during a work bike ride in the trail. Which the trail is amazing, definitely go on the trail that leads to this place. Anyway, it's not much to see, I'm black so there's not really anything of interest for me other than he had 4 slaves.... If you don't have anything else to do, sure why not


Rocket Man

3 months ago

New walking/ bike riding trails. Museum on-site. Wood fences finished and unfinished. Shaded areas. Benches along the trails. Creeks and small waterfall ripples long the edges. Haven't visited the entire site yet but I can tell it's a joy.


Derrick Spinner

2 weeks ago

I found this totally by accident. I took the Sugar Creek Trail (Pineville Direction) all the way to the end. Such an awesome find.

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