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2 months ago

Definitely a good vibe, love the location too. Be warned though, if youre an Ubuntu Linux user, especially 22.04, youll have to connect to the WiFi via the command line. Its not super hard, but its also not convenient. You should be able to ask the front desk receptionist at the time to contact their IT team and then theyll give you a command template. You can find whatever else you need through Googling because, chances are, if you read this far youre not a normie and are used to living with and debugging an OS other than Mac or Windows. Other than that, highly recommend.



a month ago

Great vibe, especially for filming and photography. But if you happen to leave, or think you left something by accident, there is no way to call and check, you have to physically go back to the location. So make sure you have EVERYTHING when you leave.


Vicki Sloan

5 years ago

I absolutely love this place. I wish my job was remote so I could justify working here. Really cool space, big windows so you don't fill enclosed in, plenty of amenities food and drink. The elevator is pretty cool too; you press your floor number BEFORE getting on the elevator- it takes some getting used to lol


Calvin Moore

a year ago

My wife and I have been looking for a new office we both like... Lets say we both feel in love with this location instantly!! The staff are all extremely helpful and truly add that WOW factor!! The community aspect is a major bonus. It's safe to say we found our second home.



a year ago

I would not recommend any of the locations in the Charlotte area ,there's a lot to be desired. All the security doors slam behind you ,they're not adjusted properly ... also a lot of things are no longer considered amenities.Beer taps no longer available. Thankfully they do offer kombucha. I agree with one of the other reviewers" Amanda" is in charge of all three locations and she is extremely unprofessional, rude and aggressive. Amanda makes you feel like you're just complaining and she does not put any effort into resolving your concerns, worthless in every way.,* update, I have not confirmed this but evidently it's allowed to "vape" inside the offices and the phone booths, I see the maintenance personnel all the time at every location vaping on the floors inside empty offices and in the phone booths, I have seen specific individuals numerous times especially at the College Street location vaping inside... I'm going to confirm if this is allowed or not check back and I will post the information, thank you for taking your valuable time and reading my unpleasant review.

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