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Christi Eden

4 months ago

We went to the reptile show there and it was amazing. The area is super clean. Bathrooms included. So many reptiles to choose from. We ended up with three frogs and a bunch of food for my brearded dragon. An amazing option to do on the weekend!!!


A Campbell

8 months ago

Went to the vintage market at the Events Centre. Easy to get to off NC-49. Had fun. Bought the pink colander windchime. Love it!


jerry jolly

3 months ago

Went for a 2 day event parking was 7 dollars each, day a little high I think, but the arena was nice and clean and well air conditioned, so that made up for the price of parking. They have an on-site food and refreshment stand, The food was good but very plain when you buy a hot dog you get a hot dog and a bun that's it and mustard or ketchup. I didn't try the hamburger but I did get a hot dog and $ 5.50 for a hot dog with just catch up or mustard was a little bit ridiculous. They have sodas and iced tea and you can get a candy bar or pretzels. Needs accommodation improvements.


Patrick Murphy

2 years ago

This place smells bad. Not sure what the smell was. No wi-fi. I heard you could pay $10 per day and have it, but not sure. No ATM??? This is crazy! Concessions are cash! They allow smoking right outside of the front door. Prepare for some second hand smoke on your way in. Only good thing I can say about this place is the security was excellent!! I would not recommend this place.


Stephen Andrews

4 months ago

They have started charging for parking, $7. ReptiCon itself was good. Nice vendors. Definitely not happy about paying for parking after paying for admission, they should be bundled or parking should be free. The parking attendant was unable to accept cash.

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