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Gary Pearce

2 months ago

Attending an event? What do you need to know? Parking is easy. I haven't been in the main building, just some of the smaller exhibit halls. They are big empty spaces filled with whatever the organization that is renting them fills them with. Lighting is good. Heat is good. I haven't been here in the summer to see air conditioning. Bathrooms were clean. The buildings worked well for the events I attended.



3 months ago

Black Heritage day Excellent. Also affordable merchandise. Very creative!"


Brinderlyn Johnson

a month ago

Special Olympics. It was the best. There was a sea of volunteers dressed in red tshirts. Bless them.


Feroz Louis

4 weeks ago

COVID-19 vaccine drive is being very well organized. If you are going on a day with large gathering then factor in an additional 10 minutes to take the turn towards the arena as it usually gets busy.


Crystal White

a month ago

We came out to the Easter egg event on Saturday 4-16-22 for my six-year-old son the only thing that was organizing in event was collecting seven dollars from each car my child was trampled and push and jump and ran on top of the event was not organized they had over 300 + children in the six year old group with about 50 eggs on a field there were Streamley a lot of children who were hurt trampled and got nothing I will never come back to this event it was not organized and many children left empty-handed hurt and cried and I will be calling back Monday morning for my refund on my seven dollars for parking for less than 10 minutes and let me remind you that they started the Easter egg hunt for the 6 years old 15 to 10 minutes early .. am extremely upset because the only thing that I got out of this event was being taken advantage of Collect seven dollars for parking and having my six year son trampled and hurt .this event Its horrible terrible I have nothing good to say about it at all .. and whoever organize this event should be terminated immediately all involved fired I didnt even see a safety crew there and it needed to be there.. thank God that I grabbed my son before he was seriously hurt by being trampled Jump push etc on .. u should be a shame of yourself..

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