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Jackie Herron

3 months ago

Themed just right! There are a lot of rides for littles to enjoy. The theater area was open and could hear the performers well. Would definitely suggest taking your little ones here for a lot of fun!


Peng Hsu

a week ago

This is a section inside Carowinds. It's for your younger kids and snoopy fans like my wife.... Definitely great enough to give your youngs an impressive memory... There is also a Snoopy theme souvenir store. What kind of dog is Snoopy? It's not important. It's just that cute!!


lil ap

6 months ago

My 5 year old had a blast! There were even a few rides that I could ride with her. The roller coaster in camp snoopy is wooden and really fun! I remember going there when I was her age and riding it. It is nice that it is still there.


Anthony Frank

4 months ago

Such a Wonderful area for kids. So well done! everything is close together I hope to take my kids back soon, what a great time we had


Beverly Kinsey

a year ago

We took my son to Carowinds for the first time. We spent the whole time from 11am to 5pm at Camp snoopy and our way out rode Carolina Sky Tower on our way out. The only ride he didn't ride in Camp Snoopy was Kitty Hawk, but we'll try that next time. He even made several friends he talk with in the lines and rode in the same cars with. He loved it and we had a great time riding with him. The day was all about him and I loved that kids rides had their own park section.

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