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Chris Burchfield

2 months ago

It was really pretty but next time we will get there sooner cause the line was REALLY long


Angela Hopkins

9 months ago

First thing to keep in mind if you go, it will be CROWDED. I went by car in mid December and had to wait a good 45 min just to get in. Allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy this place. Admission is free. An entire neighborhood/town is decorated in beautiful Christmas lights. It took about 15 min to completely drive through the town, which felt a little brief... especially after waiting nearly an hour to get in! This place may be more enjoyable to walk around than drive. It's not NYC, but they do a wonderful job with decorations. Worth a visit.


Salvatore Cangiano

4 months ago

I enjoy seeing the lights better when I walk the trail better than driving thru the trail. The lines are long to get in but worthwhile.



9 months ago

This is a very nice town with very pretty lights. Don't expect it to be like New York because it is not. It is free to see. I would suggest going early around 4 pm and park after the bridge to the left, there is a big lot with nothing at all and it leads to the small downtown and the nice lights. You can walk around downtown, there is a restaurant and a playground for kids. It's better to walk than be sitting in the car so you can see everything and also not sit in traffic. You can walk faster than the traffic and be able to see what you came there for. They do close off the bridge at a certain time probably when it gets busy and people park on the side of the road which is a pain because it's a far walk. Make sure you look at when they close because they do turn off their lights at around 9 on weekdays and 11 on weekends. Other than that it's great to see because the kids do love it.


Barbara Mintz

9 months ago

You don't have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy this town. At 5:30 the entire town throws on their lights. You can either drive through the town or walk. It was a beautiful night and we decided to walk. You hear the church bells, see the homes all decorated, and can visit a few small shops. A fun experience.