Crowders Mountain Golf Club

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Kaleb Curl

3 months ago

This is such a beautiful mountain! Everything here is free as well which is nice. Plenty of parking, clean bathrooms, and multiple options to get to the top. The views are astounding and the trails up are a breeze. It was really nice to come here and get away from the busy city. Nice being able to see Charlotte and the mountains from the top. Definitely worth checking out.


KDs 3mpire (#1 Reviewer In NC)

7 months ago

The bathrooms suck, they smell bad but this is still a great experience for everyone. They have two EV chargers for electric cars to charge. You can bring your family out here and try something different. They have different paths you can take if you are looking for a hike or a workout this is great for both beginners and people with experience. The view at the top is nothing short of Amazing. The people that I have met always seem to be great people with positive attitudes. I highly recommend checking this place out.


Luke Runyan

11 months ago

What a fun hike! Took maybe two and a half hours for me, and amazing views at the summit!


Jacob Gao

10 months ago

It is worth your time to hike there. If you want to fully enjoy this experience, bring a hammock. You will thank me later.


Fly Guy

a year ago

Beautiful hike, but rather steep. Last 1/8 mile is 336 steps to the rocky summit. Beautiful views on top!

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