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Patty VanAntwerp

a month ago

The barbecue & the hamburger both tasted different from how they used to. They were ok, but not great. The booth was tight fitting & uncomfortable. The sweet tea was delicious. The employees were all very friendly and polite.


Brian Cape

3 months ago

First and foremost the cashier guy was a little rude when paying they should hand the card back to you not slide it across the counter back to you the drink lady was awesome.. our food was horrible both burgers so raw it would make a dog sick both orders of frys did not get cooked long enough still hard potatoe on the inside even the cherry lemon Sundrop was awful get your act together ROs it will be a long time before me and my family visits back again and it probably doesnt matter to anyone what Ive said but reviews go a long way and I better not get sick from the food I ate. $40 down the drain


Eric Griggs

a year ago

Although Charlotte is where I lay my head, my hometown is Dallas, NC and Gastonia is where my people are from. It's a little strange I've not mentioned RO's barbecue before. My mom & dad ate here when they were dating in high school and my grandparents were enjoying the BBQ before then. We grew up with the onion rings, the hush puppies, and of course the Cherry Lemon Sun-Drops served fountain-style with that soft crushed ice you can't get just anywhere. When a relative or old friend returns home, a stop at RO's is sure to be on the agenda. Here very recently, RO's has shifted from minced and sliced pork sandwiches to all "pulled pork" offerings which I am told are from a more tender and juicy cut, the Boston Butt. Judging from the sandwich I just polished off, the new cut delivers on both points; It was indeed TENDER and JUICY. RO's isn't it cheap however, a barbecue sandwich, onion rings, and a drink will set you back just south of 12 bucks. But that's a price folks around here are somehow still willing to pay. Top marks for flavor, service (car hop style), hometown realness, and a heavy dose of nostalgia. Pull in and have a taste. You'll be hooked on the slaw from the first bite!


Tim Perry

3 months ago

Quality of food is very poor. Years ago it was awesome but not anymore. This is the 3rd time in a row. Strikeout in my book. If you want quality then go to the sister store, Black's BBQ.


Tim Whittington

5 months ago

I've been going to ROs for 45 years and my Kids. Ever Thursday night ROs. Now that I live in Charlotte. I only get there once in a while. But last few time this place has fallen off on the Food and Service. Last Thursday the Wife and I decided to make a trip to ROs. Tell you this much after 45 years. This will be the last time of ever going to ROs. The food was so sorry I threw it in the trash. And told my Wife what has happened to the good places to have a Good Drive in ? To the Management. What has happened ? As I seen when pulled up on a Friday Night only 2 cars getting service. On myself after 45 years. There will not ever be another time wasted on the property

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