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Lexie Rock

10 months ago

So good! The brisket, pulled pork, green beans, yams, slaw, Mac n cheese & fries were all delicious. The sauces were all good and the service too! Very friendly staff! You order at the front then take your ticket to the table and have a server. Plenty of parking.


Danny Waitt

a year ago

Rays Nathan's is one of the best BBQ places in all of Gaston county. I always get some brisket, it's delicious. The baked beans are great and the assortment of sauces is excellent. I highly recommend you check them out you will not be disappointed. This time I got the Stephen's Brisket Sandwich man was it delicious. My wife got the combo plate pork and chicken. Delicious


Niloofar Hubrich

a year ago

Great service!!!!! During our 1 hour there we had the owners/managers come by twice to ask if everything was ok and the waitress was very attentive. The pulled pork sandwich was juicy, tasty and amazing. The brisket was good but not as juicy and flavorful as the Brisket Dip sandwich or the Stephens Brisket Sandwich which were great (and juice)The sides were all excellent in flavor and temperature. The chicken wing was one of the best we have ever had. Unfortunately the half a rack of rib (dry rub) was not a winner today. The bark was too thick making it really dry and chewy and not at all the kind that falls off the bone. I feel maybe it was just that batch?? Seeing that everything else was so good. I would like to try it another day.


Andrew Bell

5 months ago

My sister found this place only a month before she moved and invited my wife and boys to come enjoy it. Amazing barbecue .........done right. I was looking forward to the brisket and was not disappointed. The wet ribs are an absolute family favorite now.


Taylor Smith

7 months ago

Some of the best food Ive had. Im travel a lot and try lots of bbq places. The service is on point. The desserts are so good. The apple cake and peach cobblers are just like momma made them. I cant rave enough about this place

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