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Billy Graham Library




West Charlotte

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Hajro K

a week ago

This is a straight up a religious institution. The staff is really nice and courteous, but you actually have an option to pray with the staff. If you are into this evangelical Christian groups, then this is a five star. I learned that Billy was a spiritual leader for all the presidents since 40's. Wow. You are highly encouraged to sit down and listen to his sermon high lights. He is a good speaker. I was looking for more touristy thing to do but don't regret it.


Meng Thao

a month ago

Nice clean place to bring the family out for a few hours. Staff was friendly and helpful. The yards were well maintained. Several nice areas for picture taking. We didnt go through the tour, but our visit was still entertaining. Good place to learn about Billy Graham or just to be reminded of the impact he had on Christianity. Great preacher and Evangelist.


Jen Willard

2 months ago

I love the Billy Graham Library! The best time to visit is at Christmas when there is so much going on. The grounds are covered in Christmas lights and you can take carriage rides around the area. The best part is going though the museum and the library. You are able to go at your own pace and enjoy your time there. We ended the night with some hot chocolate at the small deli restaurant located in the museum! We will be back!


Cavonna Holcomb

3 months ago

An amazing place to visit! I was extremely impressed how the entrance, cafe, and gift shop were all in the theme of Billy Graham's childhood family business. Even the bathrooms had the same theme! Learning about not just Graham's life but the ministry he started and it's impact on not only people of the United States but from around the world was fascinating. Each section was engrossing and immersed the visitor into each time of Graham's ministry to where you really felt you were there. I would highly recommend it!


Martha Greenwood

2 months ago

My first time visiting, and it won't be my last.. So beautiful.. Lots to see and do.. People who work here were nice and willing to help if you needed it. There is a prayer room to use.. Restaurant are had delicious food. I recommend a visit here..