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Victory Lane Indoor Karting


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Wesley Heights

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Matthew Smith

2 months ago

Awesome experience! I had a blast. Always ready to go back. Driving fast, drifting, racing, adrenaline...Yes! They make participant safety a priority but still want you to have a good time. They do not allow blocking though :/


Hale Hoeflick

2 weeks ago

We stopped here for a bachelor party. These karts are fast. If you don't believe me, a person in our group was t-boned by a younger driver. He complained about his shoulder all night. We bought him shots and told him to quit milking it. Great times. Great memories. Unfortunate about his shoulder blade though. X-rays showed a hairline fracture. Had it in a sling for a couple weeks. I don't remember his name but I just call him shoulder blade when I see him. 5 stars!


Matt Kuerth

3 months ago

One of my friends suggested that we go here for an evening of fun. He explained that this was not the typical 'kart' experience that you'd get at a county fair, but a true racing experience. I doubted him, but was completely wrong! First of all, as others have stated in the reviews, the karts are FAST. Perhaps it's a sensation of speed from being 3" off the track, but I can assure you that these karts can boogie. Secondly, get ready for a full upper body workout! Wrestling the little karts around at your own fastest pace is tiring and uses muscle groups you wouldn't expect! Four eight-minute stints had me sore for two days! Wear light clothes to this place, because you will have to wear a full suit (provided) and because it's such a workout, you will get sweaty! I also brought my own motorcycle helmet, which was nice because not all kart places allow it! For my next visit, I will also bring my gloves for extra grip on the steering wheel. It is really amazing to see your personal fastest lap and then see just how much progress can still be made to be even in the top-100 of lap times. The tracks are tight with several high speed sections. One of the tightest sections of the track happens right in front of a viewing area in the restaurant and it is very easy to come in too hot here. The kart wants to slide a bit on the polished cement track, and it's difficult to put into words how much like real racing this is. You just need to experience it! I can't wait to go back!


Joshua Siegel

2 months ago

This place is AWESOME. What an adrenaline rush. Clean, well kept, nice track, good carts. This is not just any go carting, these carts can do up to 45mph, indoors! I have attended many parties and events here and I will go every time I am invited. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It's worth the money, I promise.


David Booher

4 months ago

WOW!!! I was thinking these carts would be the little ones from when I was little and I was wrong. These are fast and fun. We went for a team building exercise and man, do you feel it. We had so much fun driving around and passing each other. The food is great and the staff is very friendly. I would recommend this to everyone!