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Tom Weidman

3 months ago

The only upside to this course is the layout. Unfortunately, you're not able to enjoy it due to the poorest conditions I've ever seen. I don't know if the owners do not have money to keep it up, or if it is due to just not caring. Either way, it is a shame as I said the layout is great, and could be a good challenging course. The biggest challenge you have now is trying to find your ball in the weeds (first cut), or the large amount of crab grass chunks growing throughout the middle of each fairway... I'd rather hit off of a driving range mat using a rubber tee than tee off of any of their tee boxes... Bunkers have weeds growing in them (not sure how expensive it is to keep bunkers looking good). The only areas throughout the entire course that they seem to be TRYING to fix are the greens, which look to have about at least another 3-4 months before being able to call them greens again. Overall, this is literally the worst playing conditions outside of weather I've ever played. To how ownership/management can charge $56.00 to play this course should show how they view their customers. My entire group wanted to ask for a refund, but, figured that every other group has probably done so in the past or were thinking the same thing. I understand that they have to generate money to make repairs, but, don't charge the same amount as nearby courses that are in far better shape. Recommendation to ownership; either start putting money back into your course, or lower the rates to dictate the actual product and worth of your CURRENT course conditions. Signed, First and last time customer


Jason Harris

2 weeks ago

This course has come a long way since last year. The greens are in great shape and the staff is top notch. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking for a great round of golf.


Daniel Hargrove

a month ago

The greens are so much better you wont recognize them. Hope they can keep them like this when it gets hot. The fairways are greening up quickly. With the new equipment they are whipping this track into shape. If they make as much progress in the next couple months as the last couple it will get hard to get tee times as the word may get out. Give it a try you wont be disappointed.


James Reed

a month ago

I played this morning and I was pleasantly surprised. There are three tee boxes that had issues and one green with major problems, but the rest of the course was in good shape. Ive read a lot about how bad the course was, but it was much better than I expected. Definitely will play again.


Georgina Fiorentino

4 weeks ago

Great place to play golf. Friendly and helpful staff at the Clubhouse and Golf store.