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Chris Cook

3 months ago

For the clubhouse grill (The Taproom). The ownership group has been steadily upgrading the entire clubhouse. They expanded and updated the kitchen and brought in two excellent chefs (Mike and Mikey) to run it. Stopped in last Friday for lunch and picked two items of the specialty menu: the Buffalo Chicken Wontons and the Chicken Cacciatore. They did not disappoint! Pieces of buffalo chicken in a thin wonton shell, what's not to like. The chicken had just a bit of kick on the end and with an oh so satisfying crunch. It was not the normal tomato based sauce for the Cacciatore but a darker mushroom concoction that was great! The chicken was blackened just right and Mike even cam out to offer another chicken leg for the dish. A bit heavy for a summer day, but lots of leftovers. I've head that the Philly on the standard menu is incredible, but I'm looking forward to the specialty menu. You do not have to be a member to eat here, and it is a fairly open room with multiple TVs above the bar and a decent selection of beers on tap. They are also opening a 'Biergarten' behind the clubhouse with multiple benches and a separate pizza/beer stand. Rumor has it that they want to add a stage as well. Come for the golf, or not, but stay and relax and eat and drink! Looking forward to next improvements!


Layton Johnston

6 months ago

Staff was super friendly. Course seemed like it was in good but not great shape. Lots and lots of hazards on every hole. Definitely not a course for beginners. Greens were a 7 out of 10 condition wise. Wish they had a larger menu for food but overall a great course if youre looking for challenge.


josh cullen

2 months ago

Love this course! I moved to Highland Creek 5 years ago and its come a long way since 2017. Greens are in great shape and they have some great deals online. Havent experienced the beer garden yet, but looking forward to it soon. New owners have done a great job bringing this course back to life.


Nataliia Breno

6 months ago

I really like to walk here with my granddaughter, it is very beautiful here and you can see bunnies, ducks, geese, squirrels and a beautiful golf club and you can relax and sit in the bar.


Jay Peters

5 months ago

Will never play here again. Course was not in great shape, especially for full price. But that wasn't our issue. We were rudely told to "play faster" probably 5 or 6 times throughout our 18 holes. We did not even remotely hold anyone up all day & finished with a group of 4 in a timely 4 hours. No one in our group had ever experienced such harassment on a golf course before. 2 of our guys used to be members, & I used to play the course regularly as well. We all agreed that none of us would be back until yet another managerial change. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

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