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Isaac V.

2 months ago

Need somewhere to go that's fun for everyone? Family, friends, whatever, they'll for sure have fun here, regardless of their experience in golf. Hitting a ball and watching it fly is half the fun - keeping it competitive (of course in a friendly manner) is the other half! A collective aim for scoring higher points with their neat digital ball & score tracker is, well, as I said - fun! For an 'arcadey' take on golf, this place knocks it out of the park. This place also has food - between appetizers and actual entrees, they do a great job with them both, not to mention the service that you get when you reserve a bay. The staff in general? Top-notch. Normally I wouldn't comment on this, but you can really see the cohesion of them all ensuring you have a good time here. I'd love to get into specifics, but there's too many things to complement. Price is as you'd expect - a truly premium experience. All in all, go here, you won't regret it!


Ashley Harris

3 months ago

It was overall a great experience. Our waitress was wonderful and the food was amazing. However, when we arrived, the desk attendant was not so helpful. As we were waiting for our bay number in line and asking questions, she drew her attention away from us to flirt with a guy. After minutes of them going back in forth, communicating, we finally got our Bay Area. Personally, I feel like when a customer is in your line, you should focus on them, not someone who just randomly comes up to the side. Poor customer service from the front desk attendant. This did not ruin my experience though.



a month ago

Very nice place. Food was excellent. Had the chicken nachos, soft pretzels and the carrot hummus. Loved it all. Place was nice and not loud. I will take my family any day again.


Ed Diaz

2 months ago

Super fun concept, really unique especially for people who have never been. Unfortunately had to drop a couple of stars for pricing because compared to bowling it is super expensive and for service because it is just too slow. They should have a button to signal waiters that we need help. You spend so much time waiting for someone to help you. Always a good time but keep in mind you're paying for the experience!


Danielle Faltisko

in the last week

This was my first time ever at a Top Golf. I had heard amazing things, and while visiting friends out of town, they decided to bring us here. No issues with the game itself, but with the service we received while being there. As someone who is a server/bartender myself, I try to be very understanding to various issues, but rudeness is one I cannot get over. During the time there, we ordered food and drinks and every time that we were talking to the server, they had a sour attitude like we were impeding her for being there. It was like we were bothersome to ask for anything. Then, the instant the clock hit 00:00, our server and other servers that they had sent with them rushed over to clear our leftovers and rest of the drinks that were still partially full, while we were trying to pack up. We had already paid, and attempting to put things into to-go boxes to be out the door within a few minutes. Rushing a paying customer out the door and acting like they were impeding you the whole time they were there is the worst way to provide service of any sort, and honestly is an embarrassment. Top Golf is not a cheap place you expect to be treated with kindness. The man at the front desk apologized and assured us that this was not protocol. It seems as though there is no issue with Top golf here, however the specific staff responsible for our bay was rude and uncaring. Unfortunately our waitress received our tip before most of the negativity emerged, clearly the wait staff only cared about their money and not the customer. Really fun game, but think twice before ordering anything at this top golf location because you will most likely be impeded on and rushed out the door.

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