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Arsenal Fan2004

a month ago

Is this place still open??? An old style disco that seems so out of place in modern Southend. I guess the old-timers still come in to visit the area and relive what the old neighborhood was like in the 80s.


Finesse W

5 months ago

Small space, I Was here feb10th for a mini Fashion show. Wasn't much fun so I bought a beer and two other ladies mixed drinks. Their drinks were $5 A piece, bartender charged me damn near $5 for a bud light (overcharged me no where is bud light $5) needless to say i paid the $15.50 anyway. Asked for change for a five so I could tip in cash, and I left a cash tip. Once the charge cleared Monday the bartender had added another $1.50 to what I signed for. BAD FOR BUSINESS, IT'S FRAUD AND A PERSON LIKE ME WHO WASN'T DRUNK AND PAYS ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING NOTICES $1.50. NO IT'S NOT MUCH BUT I HAD ALREADY TIP IN CASH SO FOR THE BARTENDER TO ADD A TIP OF HER OWN is not cool. Just made me wonder who else is having their cards over charged. Called the establishment and left a message never got a call back, my bank took care of it. This is just a warning for others who forget cash, just be careful $1.50 was minimal but if your bill is higher I'm sure they add more. I hope management addresses this.


Ahtalya Clark

6 months ago

If I could give 0 stars I WOULD!!! Came to celebrate New Years at this establishment and it was DREADFUL. The Djs equipment was not working properly & on top of this, the songs were dated and not fitting for the mood!!! Promised a champagne toast to bring in The New Year and that did NOT happen ... waste of my evening, the worst experience. Super disappointing. My first time hanging out in Charlotte and I clearly picked the wrong place.


Erica Alexander

6 months ago

The building looks nice inside the decor is nice. The bartenders are not very professional but other than that the place is good.


Victoria C

9 months ago

Nice little getaway spot. First time here for a birthday/listening party. Had a good time.