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Allyssa Kelley

2 weeks ago

Chill aesthetic, great tap selection, and fantastic variety of seating options/activities. Both times I've gone, there's only been the one same gentleman(tall/thin/dark hair) who was on duty and though I haven't caught his name, he has been nothing but kind, helpful, and awesome! Definitely a place to visit!


Chris Guella

3 months ago

We went and bowled and drank beer it was fun. The bowling machine was amazing. And the selection of beers was extensive.


Pennell Owens

a week ago

Now this is a diamond in the ruff,really enjoyed this place. Upstairs and down stairs, and the food truck outside.. Amazing, if you haven't been this 8s a must to check out..


Kasey Hamrick

2 weeks ago

This is a spot in our neighborhood that we have been to a few times. Right after they reopened from COVID the beer was very old and stale and you could tell their taps hadnt been turned over yet. The beer was likely sitting there for months. Despite this bad experience, we have gone back a few times. Last night we stopped in and I was very disrespected. I was approached by a guy who was very rude and was asked to leave because he said I stumbled. However, I am a clumsy person and tripped on my own feet. He wouldnt even let me explain and jumped to conclusions despite my fianc there vouching for me. I cannot get over how rude and disrespectful this encounter was. I will absolutely never be back and I will recommend none of my friends return as well. I had looked into having our wedding rehearsal there but after this situation thats definitely not going to happen. Also.. its expensive so be wary of your pours.


Christine Deuker

10 months ago

Great setting for gathering and connecting. Modern vibe with unique self serve pour system that allows you to pick your favorites or sample new brews, wines and hard ciders. Smart wristband does all the work of keeping your tab. Full disclosure with alcohol content, price per ounce and product info. Great opportunity to mingle at the taps. Duck pins inside and corn hole outside with a food truck tops off the fun.