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Liza Wynne

a month ago

I have called over 5 times and left meggages, witen multipal emails over the last 3 months and have not gotten a singel response. I am from CT and was looking online at night clubs for a vip room for a bachlorette weekend and found yuor place to be so nice looking and was very interested. However the managment and or staff are so unprofessional in NEVER getting back to me and i am extreamly disapointed. I understand how people get busy and possably one email or call could have slpiied throught the cracks but not 5 calls and 4 emails. Thanks for not helping me at all and basicaly telling me my money is no good there. Hopefuly you dont treat paying customers like trash like you did me.


Jaylin Wright

in the last week

Stood in line for an hour for them to tell me no timberland boots? Really, and besides that I didn't like how they were treating everybody else either, like dogs


Joseph Chica

2 weeks ago

If I could give 0 star I would. This place is awful


Peter Truong

3 months ago

Free cover for about the first 60-90 min. $5 domestics all night. Sound system was leveled just right and decor was both beautiful and lively. The outdoor patio is relatively quiet and feels like a second venue. Patio has free comfortable seating, wheras most clubs in other cities would make you buy a VIP table to have seats that nice. True to Charlotte form, ppl here were very friendly. I talked to maybe 5 groups last night and got warm responses from all. Dance floor picked up after about midnight and was mostly hip hop/top 40. No EDM, which I really missed as a bass-head. I believe some of the 1-star reviews here are written by people who either had personal problems (drank too much, started drama, etc) or just arent club ppl. I've been here twice as well as clubs across the country and this is one of the best, at least for the price point. The "better" clubs, like the Vegas megaclubs, are far more expensive, exclusive, and high pressure. This place is great, not only to turn up, but also to relax outside. Come w a good attitude and have some fun!


jason dempster

2 weeks ago

They turned us away because we are white this club is racist they said my friends ID couldnt be confirmed but we hap a police officer confirm the ID they turned us away because we are white