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Nick Marryat

3 months ago

For a small venue it was pretty great! Staff was extraordinarily nice, sound setup was good (though, admittedly, I would've liked to hear the vocals better when I was at front and center stage), and the overall setup was good. There's handicapped ramps on both sides of the venue, from the entrance down to the ground floor. There's chairs, tables, and a bar to sit at. There was a bar at the center if you wanted drinks and a free water cooler on the edge of the bar. The cushioned bar chairs seemed like they were reserved for VIP, but it wasn't marked so frankly I still don't know. But the wooden chairs in general were open, so I used those at the end of the show. The bands had their merchandise tables set up right in the corner and it was easy to access them without blocking the exit/entrance. Bathrooms are right inside, men's on the left and women's on the right - clearly marked. Paying for "membership" was weird for me though. Seems like a cheap way to scalp an extra $1 out of you after paying for a ticket for the show; but it didn't kill me so I can't complain too much. Card or cash accepted. From what I could tell it's an 18+ venue, but anyone under 18 needs to have a parent or guardian with them. Also, anyone below 21 needed to pay a $2 surcharge, anyone 21+ did not.


Todd Chesser

2 months ago

I'm new to Charlotte and recently saw a show for my first visit to this theater. I love this place. The staff was friendly all the way around from the folks out front to the people at the box office and the people behind the bar. I walked around the theater during the show and the sound was great wherever I stood. I'll definitely look forward to seeing more shows here.


The 9 Minds

a month ago

I went to see Tank and the Bangas here, and the venue was perfect. Sold out show was still comfortable as far as crowd control and space, and drinks were solid. Nicely priced and nicely mixed. Whoever does the lighting is a rock star.


Megan Love

2 months ago

My first visit to the Visulite was MAAANY years ago to see a burlesque show with some friends. I loved it then, so when my husband asked if I would go see the Melvins with him, I jumped at the chance. I really like how this venue has the bar above the pit where you can sit and be eye level with the artists. Its such an intimate venue that it makes it feel like a private show just for you. I really cant wait for our next show!


Savanna Baxter

2 months ago

The stage was set up nicely, and I like that the seating is in levels so you can see over each other. The sound CAN be good, but sometimes during the night that I went, the House did not adjust to fit the bands which made them not sound as good.