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Companion peaks at Crowders Mountain State Park—The Pinnacle and Crowders Mountain—offer challenging hikes, towering cliffs and 25-mile views of the surrounding Piedmont. Eleven trails range from pastoral to strenuous, including the Ridgeline Trail, which links to Kings Mountain State Park and Kings Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina. A nine-acre lake offers choice spots for fishing or an opportunity to try canoeing with rentals available.

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Josh Mangum

10 months ago

Great time hiking up Crowders Mountain with my son. We took the Sparrow Springs Access to the Visitors Center and then took the Pinnacle Trail to get up the mountain. It was a bit challenging but not too bad for my 9yo. I saw people of all ages on the Pinnacle Trail so anybody can climb the mountain! Tip: we spent a good amount of time walking across the very top of the mountain, every time you think you've reached the tip top there is another ridge that is just a little bit higher - keep climbing, the views are worth it!


Joshua Williams

6 months ago

Our first time visiting Crowders Mountain and climbing up to Kings Peak was magical. When I say magical, I'm not speaking of the actual hike to the top which was grueling if you haven't done it before, I mean the view from the summit! The hike to the top was only about an hour, though getting there was not the easiest feat. We found many mushrooms as we did a foray before we went on the hike, we also found many more (edible, but check with an expert before consuming) as we climbed to the top of the peak. Once we got to the summit.. WOW. It is the tallest point in all of Gaston County and the views were nothing less then spectacular! You could spend a few hours up there alone just checking out the views to Spencer Mountain, and surrounding areas including a very distant skyline of Charlotte. One of the most beautiful view points we have seen in the southern states!!! So we'll worth it, and can't wait to go back for the 6 mile hike which they say takes about 4 hours round-trip.


Elena Makoviy

5 months ago

There are 2 trails. One is 2 hours in both ways and another is 3 hours in both ways. We chose 2 hour trip. It's a nice walk, there were 2 benches if you want to relax. The view is amazing on the top of the trail. It's nice to be there close to sunset. You can take a dog with you but you should have a leash. Next time I want to explore the second trail.


Tasty Treat

9 months ago

We love hiking here. It is close by, has gorgeous views, and cute wildlife. The bathrooms are usually clean. You can take your family or pets. It's up to you whether you would like to exert yourself on a steep hike to the top or take a casual stroll around the pond. Either way you have plenty of shade trees and nice views along the way.


Shane Bunton

9 months ago

Beautiful park, very well maintained. The primitive campsites have tent pads, fire rings and picnic tables at each site. There is also a supply of fire wood, fresh clean water access and an outhouse. The trails are well marked. The views are spectacular!

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