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Amanda Wilkins

9 months ago

I grew up in Gaston County and wish this park was around when I was growing up. Gaston County has an amazing natural history and it is on full display here in the park. The trails are beautiful, extensive and well-marked. The natural flora is so incredibly special and it is beautifully preserved here.


Angelina Murphy

4 months ago

What a great place to visit! The pump track is somewhat challenging but so much fun. Inexperienced riders need to wear PPEs to prevent skinned body parts. There are several trails of differing difficulties, covered picnic areas and even a pier for fishing. I want to go back and check out the mountain bike course. The play ground could use a little more options, but the kids enjoyed it for a while. Definitely hope to return!


Marcin Banarski

8 months ago

Its very nice dog park located next to soccer and baseball fields. Theres also a lake in the area. Theres a lot of running space trees and grass for the dogs to roam.


Tammy Scism

3 months ago

Beautiful area. Well maintained, hiked around the lake, paths are marked. Enjoyed the day with nature.


Andy Larson

3 months ago

It was our first visit. Nice little lake with plenty of dock for fishing. Many different hiking/walking trails of varying lengths, most if not all are loops. Mountain bike pump track is very well done. Largest horse shoe competition area I've ever seen, only saw one corn horn set up. Nice volleyball court, just be prepared to chase balls (it's on top of a hill). Dog park is a bit out of the way. Nicely maintained ball fields. Surprised they didn't have larger or most extensive playgrounds. First time I've seen a public bike maintenance station complete with air compressor and tethered tool set. Very cool! We will go back....

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