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Laura Ripson

2 weeks ago

Been going here since Jan. of 2022 and so far very happy. Building itself looks like it could use a little upkeep but the equipment is all brand new. Sometimes I wish hours were different, perhaps open later at night. But overall a great facility.


Lydia Grace Cote

2 months ago

I have been swimming here since December with Sarah Hart. Ive always been afraid of swimming and actually failed my swim class when I was 6 - learning to swim as an adult is terrifying but Sarah gave me the confidence to do it! Im training for a triathlon and went from barely swimming 25M without sputtering to swimming 2500M+ each triathlon practice. Sarah is awesome and I cant recommend her enough! The facility and staff are also great, although getting a lane reserved can be difficult.


Tristan Bennett

a month ago

So I live locally and decided to give this place a try bc my family and I love to swim. So I call this place to get information on swimming just for a day and speak to a young lady who also claims shes a fitness instructor their only to be bait and switched. In the original conversation I asked was there a day fee to swim with my family and she immediately goes into membership information , then I ask again is there a fee for my family for just a daily swim and she says its no fee and all you have to do is come and take a tour. Well I went to take the tour and the facility is nice and they offer quite a bit. I show up with my son in our swimming trunks. After she gives us the tour and gives me information I ask so where do we go for the swimming today and she goes to say oh Im sorry but you have to buy the membership first. This instance was completely manipulative and Im sure the calls may or may not be recorded but it felt like a bad car commercial instance. I immediately left the facility but there is no integrity there and had she just said this over the phone we wouldnt have wasted time and energy to show up just looking for a simple quick swim today. She kept trying to apologize but we even took the tour in our swim trunks so she knew exactly why we were there. Its just sad the world we live in and people who really try to take advantage of others. The managers definitely need a better person in the front answering phones. I wish there lines were recorded where I could file for an afadavit to have the recorded lines pulled just to send to the managers. I definitely wont be going to this place again. My family and I will find another location. What pathetic individual who gave a meaningless Im sorry as we walked out of the facility. When people are truly sorry they do things to fix their wrong. Way to go Huntersville aquatic center!


Ben Makla

8 months ago

If you are seeking somewhere to swim and need childcare this would be a great option but their weight room leaves much to be desired. My wife got roped into signing us up for a year. We wont be renewing after this one as I primarily use these types of facilities for weight lifting and have found much better resources at the local YMCA. Also, they have a mask mandate so thats fun for those of us that have their vaccination.



8 months ago

I am not a member. I went to check out possible membership as i work two minutes from this facility. Price shock $775 a year for an individual member to swim and workout seemed expensive. The facility looked extremely well kept. Main Pool 50 or 100 meter setup. Unheated. This pool looked well cared for by competant staff. Secondary smaller pool looked very well used. This is a 25 meter heated pool. Lots of kids in lots of classes. Weight room has lots and lots of high quality professional grade equipment. Looks like they could easily accommodate 3-4 times the number of current members. Biggest concern is i would like to use before work (before 8 am) or after work (after 6 pm) according to reviews and staff conversation.... probably not going to find a lane. If you do it will mostly likely be shared. Must book a lane on app or online in advance. Seems like a popular place just maybe not what i was looking forward to using.

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