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Northeast Charlotte

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J Richard Taylor

11 months ago

I found this hike on the way to a Hornets game in Charlotte. It was a nice way to take a break during the drive and decompress. I wish I would've allowed myself more time but enjoyed the one hour hike I took. There is some road construction going on near the park so I ended up having to make my way to a different entrance than the one Google Maps took me to. Once I was on the park road it was easy to get to the trail heads. I took a mix of the Morrow Mountain and Backpack Trails. Their entrances were near the museum and office parking lot. They were easy going and there was some snow on the ground still so there were some beautiful views. Not too many hills. If I would have had more time I would have found the trail to the summit and took it for the big views but was running out of daylight. The park closes at 7 so I wanted to make sure I made it out in time. It was fun hiking if you ever get close and I'll try to get back some day and give myself more time.


Elena Makoviy

6 months ago

Park is huge and there's a big river where people can swim or they can do other water activities. There are special places where you can grill with your family. Nature is wonderful, you can just enjoy the view. I believe especially when it's autumn. I visited this place at the end of May. It was hot, but still worth to visit.


Ryan Wyett

7 months ago

As a British man, we hardly have trails like this in England! And wow what a beautiful hiking trail to experience! Definitely recommend walking up the mountain for the experience rather than just driving up for the view. It's worth the walk! Seeing all the beauty that covers the mountain, the streams, different trees and the wildlife! Luckily the trees provide plenty of shade so you've not got to worry about sunburn


JM Sanderson

5 months ago

Morrow Mountain has a great history and is a wonderful place to hike. It offered a variety of trails from easily to difficult. I enjoy that they still have WPA built structures on hand as my grandfather built many for the the national and state parks in those days. Highly recommended.


Sharon Croll

7 months ago

Campground was quiet and campsites we're far enough apart. No water at sites though. Hiking trails and boat rental available but no other activities unless you have your own horse. Dump station water hose could not be used to rinse tank as a hose could not be attached to it. It wasn't long enough to reach the rinse port either. One nice amenity was the camp hosts delivered fire wood direct to our site.

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