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Frank Ferris

2 weeks ago

Wow talk about some great BBQ right now! Stoped in for the 1st time and was amazed with the food. Staff was very nice and helped us through our order. They made the food right then for us! We got food to go but wished we could have ate there. The place has a cool theme and it was really clean. Thanks for the great food! It was really good!


Lauren Edwards

a year ago

Nice people, good food, fast service.


Renee Kearse

in the last week

use to think highly of Dickey's The ones in Texas are great! One thing, we know as people in these times don't have money nor time to waste not common for me to leave a bad review.......I traveled to come to this restaurant Dickey's bought 2 plates And a kids meal turkey 3 meat plate......and the rib plate, Almost 17 bucks.for a plate that came with 5 ribs and 2 small sides not even filled to the top. Felt cheated but, yet still hopeful. When I reached home, 45 minutes later. I fixed our plates. Bit into a rib and my God What did they smoke it in just salt!! Thats all you can taste just plain salt! Disgusting. My son didnt eat and neither did I! The green beans where full of salt And now dont get me wrong love my food seasoned but overkill will kill. The kids meal came with Turkey in which taste like cheap lunch meat and was the consistency of rubber!! I started not to call but my mind said I had to!! I spoke to Nick the manager and told him the problem. With pauses in between to see what his reasoning would be. I was told that he would check the cameras and see if they followed protocol REALLY?? Ok. Im scratching my head now. Anyway he never once asked how he could make it right. Straight to strike 3 Nevertheless the same repeated words I will check the cameras. You keep checking the cameras while I spread the word to others dont waste your time.nor money. The portions are small and not worth the money. You can find better barbecue at another place probably with better quality food and not as much money. yet make it yourself I wont be back. It was the last straw for me!! No resolution was the strike just money in the GARBAGE $44,00 that I was mad that I spent.


Paula Lorino

4 months ago

The food is DELICIOUS! The folks are great! They don't have a drive through but you can call it in and pick up at window. The food though...DELICIOUS!


Connie “Con Con” Palmer

5 months ago

I got the 3 meat plate with beef brisket and 2 other meats, a few weeks ago. It was so good and tender. So when we went back about 2 weeks ago, I got the 3 meat with just beef brisket. It was dry and not as good. I was disappointed.

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