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Mary Thomasson

4 months ago

My favorite thrift store in Charlotte! Prices are great and even better deals can be had for the tag colors of the day or sale days. They also offer a punch card that will get you a 50% discount when filled. I always have a good time browsing here and usually come up with some great finds!


Charae D

3 months ago

I have been shopping at this location for that last few years since moving to Charlotte. The store was always well stocked with unique pieces at fair prices. With this last management/staff change however, the store is on the decline. It's not as well kept. The selection is not nearly as good. The staff (cashiers) all seem like they hate their job, do very little to hide it, and will take it out on you no matter how nice you are... so there's that. Furniture and the boutique section are the only things that make the trip worth it atp.


Michael Glazer

3 months ago

They have a lot of furniture, but they basically stack it all into huge piles and it's almost impossible to access it.. the same goes with the rugs and paintings. The men's clothes are pretty much non existent unless you like old, company branded stuff. a lot of the shirts were also stained extremely bad, and I didn't find a single designer peice of clothing in their "boutique" section..plus, the entire store is HOT. I don't think they have AC. The staff, for the post part were pretty unhelpful. The manager was very loud and ran around the store, talking loudly on his phone. When I wanted a price of furniture priced, the cashier told me "oh they come and do that every hour".. whatever that means. For the most part, unless I really needed some cheap furniture, I don't think I'd return


a crawfish pie

5 months ago

The most divine staff. Particularly the young lady whom I believe to be newly placed into a management position. Any position that she would be found in would put a smile on my face! I love this place and long for my return into her presence.


Jane harrison

a year ago

I shop here often. I was just in the shop on Thursday evening and found lots of goodies. I also love the atmosphere and employees. They are all so helpful and kind. On this specific visit, I had several boxes and was astonished when the manager helped me get them to my car safely. As always, she is a wonderful and so are all of the employees!!

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