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Northeast Charlotte

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Randy Johnson

3 weeks ago

I'm more used to November and December. It was more green than I can ever remember. I went down a beautiful hiking trail saw 4 deer 2 miles apart. Both were a good size and both were with a kinda big yearling. They were very healthy and clean.im sure they were anticipating mid 50s or cooler temperatures tonight. So they were just getting a early start. I saw no snakes and I was in a area that it wouldn't be a surprise if I saw some but I didn't. I always wear snake leggings no matter what temperature it is.i there were very few mosquitoes.


Paul Bronson

2 weeks ago

We spent three days and two nights while a tropical storm dumped several inches of rain. Even with the rainy conditions, we had a great time. The trails were well marked but the mileage indicators seemed to be off. We didnt get to every trail but the Birkhead Mountain trail and the camp 3 trail were great with rolling hills and cool temperatures.


Luke Stephens

a month ago

If you have never visited Uwharrie, then you should! Its a treasure among the state parks in NC. It has a diversity of wildlife, locales, and small embedded towns you will find in few places. Start with Birkhead at the northern end of Uwharrie. Then get some maps and find some of the outlying small parcels elsewhere in the overall Uwharrie systems. If you want to do some hiking try the trails off Hwy 109 outside of Troy.


Jason Bell

in the last week

Great trail system! Very well marked. Something for everyone.


Graham Greenland

3 months ago

Amazing weekend backpacking the national trail! The stretch between highways 24 to 109 was my personal favorite, lots of valleys and stream crossings. It was fine while we were there but I can definitely tell why many warn against trying to hike this trail near spring floods or after prolonged rain. So many gorgeous campdites and fire rings people have made along the way. What could be better than falling asleep beside a babbling brook?