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McKenzie Riggins

10 months ago

GREAT EXPERIENCE!! I found this place online, looked over their website & was interested to come check it out in person! My husband and I visited this past Sunday. We browsed the whole store, looking at all of their animals & were greeted several times by employees. Once we'd seen what we wanted to see, I narrowed my focus onto the Hermit Crabs. The employee who helped us was very nice & let us take our time selecting, showing us each crab for sale. The crabs seemed to be in great shape!! Various sizes, but I'd never seen any THIS BIG!! We chose 2 Extra Large & 2 Medium Hermit Crabs, along with some shells & accessories. They are doing great! They love their new home & have adjusted well! Very Healthy & One has already changed shells! I will definitely be back!!


Roxane Graham

3 months ago

I love a small business the staff is extremely friendly and of course I get all my guinea pigs there but they can help you with every type of animal


Stefanie Fisco

5 months ago

This used to be one of my favorite pet shops. Recently, when I went to purchase fish, the employee very roughly handled them. I thought one of my little guys had a bruise and should have walked out after I saw him drop heavy decor on top of the rest of the fish in the tank, but I stayed. Sadly most of my fish died and they refused to even admit a mistake. I have been keeping aquariums for many years and have never seen behavior like this. I do not recommend purchasing.


joe n

2 months ago

The owner here is a super cool person and I love supporting his business, they tend to have a phenomenal rotation of tropical fish and plants, every single fish I have bought from them has been super healthy! Would recommend over any other local pet stores!!!


Stephanie Piver

4 months ago

Even a chain like petsmart offers 14 day fish guarantee. This place sucks and needs to update their policy. We bought 6 fish. Water checked out great. 2 fish died within 12hrs. Their fish arent healthy. My daughter was so upset. They dont care about their customers. To not offer even a 24hr guarantee is ridiculous!! Stay away from this place for your fish needs. And.their employees lie to get a sale!!

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