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Kristen Kujawski

3 weeks ago

Was a member years ago before I moved away. Came back to show my family. Karen made sure to let us know we were not welcome. Dont miss the self righteous old white women but if you are looking for some you can find them here. Maybe same security guard others mentioned so who knows. When I kept a boat there security was handled with class. No more apparently.


Valeriya Sukhorukov

5 months ago

The place is beautiful, but certain staff members are not just rude but aggressive towards people. We came over today to check out the club but couldn't even make a step as we were approached by a female security guard who asked if we were members. We told her that we were just looking and were going to take a walk to the main building to talk about membership. I was going to show my mother-in-law the beauty of the spot by making the walk to the building using the promenade, but the security guard told me I had to make my way on the parking lot. I left the parking lot and went on the street, as there was a beautiful sunset and I wanted to capture it. The security guard followed us and told us that we couldn't be there. I told her that we were out on the street, so she told me to pick up my car from the parking lot and get out. I couldn't believe a place like this would hire people like that security guard, so I repeat myself if I understood her correctly, and she said yes. She brought up that she is a former police officer or detective, probably trying to scare me. Anyways, the evening was ruined, and there were no intentions left to go check membership or deal with this club.


Kate Leonard

3 months ago

Beautiful venue for a wedding reception. The staff were amazing, the food was incredibly perfect and the view was unmatched.


Chalmer Davidson

7 months ago

Great place great food good times


Stephanie Britt

6 months ago

I don't know I'm broke I need motel room

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