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Benjamin Crowley

9 months ago

Great experience today. Staff friendly and helped with docking. Enjoyed their smoothies and the pet friendly dog walk. Will definitely be back as we can buy gas there too



6 years ago

Best experience, with friendly staff, helpful in every way. Great place to hang out- family oriented, quaint, eclectic gift shop, with a awesome galley kitchen- Gas products are ethanol free, and plenty of lake accessories!


Heather Pitre

a year ago

I want to explain the bad ratings that this company received has NOTHING to do with Pier 88. The people that tried to get into the neighborhood made the mistake. The neighborhood is private and gated. They needed to be on the list with security to get in. Their experience is with River Hills security... not the marina. They are two completely different entities. That being said... Pier 88 is amazing. The owners: Paul and Rikki are so sweet. Their gas is cheaper than any marina on the lake. The general store is adorable and has drinks and snacks including hamburgers etc. The marina is full service and the staff is always very helpful. I highly recommend this business!


Lisa Jones

5 months ago

You gotta check this place out! Paul is awesome!


Bret Hammond

9 months ago

I was in River Hills, doing some contractor work and realized that my gas tank was on empty, as it takes 2 miles of gas to get in and out of the community. My work happened to be near the Pier 88 fueling station and was directed there to get gas for my car. As I walked up, I discovered that the store was open and abandoned. I waited 10 to 15 minutes and as I walked back to shore, saw a woman who was carting soda boxes. I explained that I was in a pinch and needed some gas to get out of River Hills. The woman was friendly for about 5 seconds until she decided to add her personal opinions, which included "or don't run out of gas in the first place." Instead of just giving me a few gallons, she decided to give me 5 gallons and charged me $26+ for Marathon fuel. When you get a chance to be kind in a place of business, show understanding and don't take advantage of people in a bind. Also, when you abandon your workplace, you provide an easy opportunity for theft.

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