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MyersMakingMemories !

6 months ago

There is no way these reviews are real. I went today at 12 and they were solid out of everything besides like 5 types of bagels and random odd and ins. We got a cinnamon roll and he asked if I wanted it toasted I said yes. Somehow it came out burnt but the icing not melted and frozen in the middle. I take it to be reheated and both guys touch it in the middle and then reheat it and give it back to me. So now Im expected to eat something they touched which isnt surprising when they have a bucket of unwrapped straws for you to use. I get the cinnamon roll back AND STILL FROZEN. My 2 year old liked it but to me it tasted like cardboard. I got a peach smoothies with whipped cream and they didnt put whipped cream on either unless this white stuff on the bottom is whipped cream? Customer service 2 out of 5 stars and food quality 0. Also the place is so dirty literally felt like I was walking on syrup.


Mery M

3 weeks ago

I have been coming back to this place a couple times in the morning and they had pretty good and tasty sandwiches and bagels!! I had the Club and Boats BLT and my favorite bagel is cinnamon raisin. They have pretty nice areas to seat inside. Theres also some outdoor picnic tables.


chris morton

9 months ago

This place is wonderful and it reminds me of home. Im from Long Island, NY and I approve this place. I own a boat touring business and I bring my early morning tours here. Salt bagel with egg is my regular order!!!! The staff is friendly and awesome. Thank yall for great service



4 months ago

Coffee is good, I liked the chai latte more. Foods are nice too, I might prefer the bagels over the pastrami sandwich. The club sandwich is definitely the best way to start my day, look how massive and good it was! The coleslaw and pickle were also top tier!



a month ago

Originally from NY, I was excited to try this place out and enjoy a bacon, egg and cheese bagel. It was truly a disappointment!!! Not sure where the 5 star reviews are coming from but please take my word for it they are not even close and shouldnt be considered . The bagel was doughy, bacon barely cooked and chewy, egg appeared to be nuked in a microwave, and lack of cheese. What a waste of money.

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