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William Pham

2 weeks ago

Recently got into shooting as a hobby and these folks were helpful, informative, and answered to all of my questions about firearms. They were friendly enough to help me, even to the newbie-st of things like zeroing my rifle and even installing night sights on my handgun without cost from the gunsmith. The only con I would see so far is their prices on their merchandise since it's a bit on the pricey side of things but carries known brands. Now I come there regularly to shoot at their range with membership to help mitigate the admission cost. Would recommend to fellow newbies and others to check this place out!


Juan Flores

a month ago

great facility, great price. Those are the only reasons I go. Most of the staff isn't very personable or approachable. Brother in law and I go there weekly and some of the dudes running the desk are so robotic and impersonal. The same range guy usually checks us in and acts as if we are never there. Only a couple of guys are above average like Aaron, Greg, and the gunsmith. Some give off a vibe and arrogance. As someone who now frequents gun ranges and gun shops this is pretty normal behavior for employees. But as someone who started as a novice this could be a major turn off for people just starting out. Considering the competition(like Blackstone) customer service is sub par. Nothing personal. Just thinking on the customer service side of things.


Jonathan Basketmaker

a month ago

I understand why most of the ratings here are 5 stars. Frankly, if the range could be rated separate from the shop, I think that's a reasonable representation of the range. They take safety and curiosity seriously in equal measure. They give advice, are clear on their rules, and are firm when it comes to following the safety guidelines. If you're looking for a safe and well maintained range, this is the place to go. When it comes to the actual sales though, buyer beware. I understand this location is in a better off region of Charlotte, so just realize you're likely to pay a bit more for firearms and accessories. However, I was frustrated to observe the sales person who assisted me trying to up-sell unnecessary bells and whistles, and trying to guide my purchase towards a higher end firearm outside of the price range, and caliber, I provided. Frankly, that may not be a major problem for the majority of customers and even new range users to accommodate, but that's generally a bad business practice and unhelpful to the uninitiated.


Brian Griffen

a month ago

Brought an older gun in to be looked at, the guy behind the counter was a 'revolver' guy, he gave me some tips and pointers to do to see if they would clear up my issue. This will save myself on charges if I needed their gunsmith to work on it. Thought that was cool. I walked around and just browsed checking out the store since it was my first visit. I wasn't hassled or pressured to buy and was told if I had any questions or wanted to look/hold anything, just ask. Enjoyed the visit. Brian G.


Andre Louissaint

a week ago

Took the family. Had a great time. Great staff friendly and willing to help beginners. Will definitely be back. The only downside was the wait. Took an hour to get a lane.