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a week ago

Best deli in Charlotte! Great sandwiches both breakfast and lunch, and great selection of various snacks! They also have a wide variety of wine and beer. I recommend this place to all of my friends!


Nicole H

4 months ago

Love your store and the things you sell. The only reason I am giving 2 stars is because the guy who seems to ALWAYS be working at the front counter is rude, unwelcoming and uninviting. Listen, I dont need a parade to be thrown every time I walk into a store, but I also dont need to be given a dirty look and ignored while Im in there. My 11-year-old literally just said to me I love going into Laurel market but at the same time I dread it because of that guy. Anyone whos working at the front counter of a store should, at the very least, smile when people walk in instead of giving them a dirty look and standing there with their arms folded. It makes the whole experience uncomfortable. And he is alwayssss there. Whether we go at 10am on a Saturday or 11pm on a Tuesday. I cannot be the only person to have said something about him at this point.


Andy Korczynski

7 months ago

This is a regular stop....sandwiches are always great and I love the great local beer selection. On top of all that, they have some really great wine! Awesome to grab a quick meal and also be able to pick up a nicer bottle of wine that isn't overpriced. Only complaint is that it gets really busy (good for them) sometimes, wish I was the only one that knew about this place and all those people would go away!



in the last week

Best bacon egg and cheese in Charlotte. Got to get it on the croissant.


Ryan Stamey

10 months ago

Since moving to the Elizabeth neighborhood Ive found myself frequenting Laurel Market for their nice wine selection and prepared foods/sandwiches. Food is fresh and good. Lately however the staff seems to be unpleasant and unfriendly rarely seeming warm or welcoming, never with a smile. I stopped in tonight, after checking both their website and Google for their hours. Both said the market is open til 12:30 am on Friday and Saturday nights. I walked in around 11:05 to pick up wine. No one came out from the back for a few minutes and when the man finally came out I smiled and he glared at me and looked super annoyed/angry that I was even in there. I quickly made my selections and went to check out. He checked me out quietly without a smile or greeting. As I was leaving he followed and went to the OPEN sign, and as I got in my car he turned off the OPEN sign. It seemed very purposeful. So, I felt guilty for even going in even though the store was supposed to be open and the doors were unlocked and open sign on. Makes me not want to even frequent the shop as often, if customers are seen as a nuisance.

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