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Samson Robinson

3 weeks ago

I think 4 stars is the correct rating for this place. Pros: Food is great, people are good, atmosphere is on point, herbs are grown fresh near location. I've never had a bad meal. Great quiet and hidden location and not always too busy. Got a homey feel on one side and a cheers feel on the other. Cons: Service is inconsistent about 1 out of every 10 times. Not always the most clean space but clean enough. Overall: I love this place and the food as an Italian food lover. Definitely a win to go here.


Timothy Saula

a month ago

Zio Causal is easily one of the best Italian restaurants in Charlotte. The food is well cooked and done . To taste and the aroma is mouth watering. And for the price is insanely affordable in a nice cozy setting especially at night for a dinner . Feels like you on a date which I was . We both came here, Neither of us have been here before . Sad part she stopped talking to me after that but ayeee at least I enjoyed the food and I was happy regardless.


Desiree M

2 weeks ago

I am utterly baffled how this place has such high ratings on google and yelp. We sat down at approx 6:40pm and was greeted promptly and had water brought to our table. After that, no waitress to be seen for a solid 15 minutes. We ordered the lasagna and spicy chicken sausage pizza. I am not joking when I say we did not get home from dinner until 8:30 pm and we live 5 minutes from the restaurant. It was miserable. No explanation. We felt bad because we know places are struggling through covid so we gutted the wait out. We got cold lasagna served to us and only had two sheets of pasta in it. It appears they just threw ground meat and a little ricotta cheese in between two lasagna sheets of pasta. It had zero taste. The pizza was just ok, not much flavor and was a bit cold as well. I have no idea if this is the normal food people are raving about. I hate to say I completely wasted my cheat meal for the week.


Wendy Jamison

a month ago

Susan was an amazing, conscientious server/bartender. She was able to answer all of our questions and make our experience there awesome! She is fabulous!


kim arney

a year ago

Delicious food, amazing service and fun atmosphere!