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Brooklyn Constance

4 months ago

Food was great. Staff and service on the other hand was far from exceptional. Beware: this is not a kid friendly restaurant (if you even classify it as that). I brought my daughter with me and I could tell from the start she was not welcomed. The female employee at the hostess stand gave me a unfriendly attitude when I walked up and asked for a high chair.. come to find out, this was actually one the managers. This should have been my first clue. It was LUNCH TIME for goodness sake. My daughter literally said three words while we were dining. The service was extremely slow and the wait time for our food was ridiculous to be honest. It was not busy at this time. We found ourselves asking each other several times where our waitress was. Overall, it was a really bad experience and I unfortunately will not be back.


DM Coffey

6 months ago

Good atmosphere/food /wine selection. Great for watching a game or a dinner. Burger special on Tuesdays A1!


Isaac Stone

10 months ago

After seeing a couple of liberals all upset because Reid's doesn't welcome employees voicing their "first amendment rights"... I had to give this establishment 5 stars and I will DEFINITELY try them out. What these liberals fail to understand (and yes, they are liberals because they claimed as such), is that the first amendment protects you from persecution from the government. However, it does NOT give you the right to say what you want when you want without consequences. If you are at work, you are representing your employer. Even outside of work, to an extent, you are representing your employer. I look forward to this weekend so that I can make the drive to try out this place. I am excited.


Alison Chafin

5 months ago

Love this place. We visit them almost daily.


Anthony Ledbetter

3 months ago

Best place in Charlotte you get everything you need and want and then some