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Katrice Supreme

3 weeks ago

Great food! Beautiful environment and friendly staff! If ur debating, it's definitely worth checking out!


Vanessa Venable

10 months ago

RuRus Tacos and tequila has a Spanish villa atmosphere partnered with some outrageously names menu items. Its hilarious. If youre looking for a place with a great setting and vibe and funky tacos this is the right place!


Elvis Gregorovic

a month ago

Great place for Mexican. Staff was super helpful and the drinks and food were amazing. Each dish has a unique name which was very cool. Highly recommended!!



a month ago

The quality of this restaurant - food and service - has gone down hill significantly over the last couple of years. Also, any time Ive been there in the past 18 months, its like Covid never happened and we arent still in the middle of a pandemic; consistently packed, no staff are masked, and if youre at the bar people will crowd and reach over you. I met a friend there recently and sat with my mask on the entire time because staff and other patrons made me so nervous. Other restaurants manage to stay open and make money while instituting minimum safety standards, this place should too.


Katrina Crawford

11 months ago

Came here for my first time for lunch today. Neither the hostess nor my waitress were very friendly so wasnt off to a great start. I ordered the I love the smell of Napalm fajita and for a $16 I was hoping to at least be semi impressed but the tofu and vegetables completely lacked flavor. The only things I enjoyed were the two sides I ordered separately, white beans and the corn relish. I actually ended up taking my food home to properly season it rather than eating it there. I saw two patrons within my 30 minute time frame here that werent wearing masks when waiting to be seated. I know its not the restaurants fault but I also did not see them enforce it. The only reason I give this place two stars is because of the great outdoor area.

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