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Michael Higgins

in the last week

Awesome Food & Atmosphere Incredibly delicious Apps, exceptional Margaritas, and Best Tacos in CLT! Went there for Taco Tuesday early, 4:30-5pm, & enjoyed sitting outside in their large patio area. One of the best outside seating restaurants in Charlotte! Service and friendliness were great. Ill definitely be back often, its a great place for a casual bite, or a social get-together with friends & family


Necole Salley

a month ago

Food is FANTASTIC!!! They get a high score because the food taste so good. Also the order comes out extremely fast. Hospitality.....so so. 1st time I arrived the waiter said find a seat, but then walked everyone else to their table. 2nd time I arrived the waiter took forever to take our order. Since the food was GREAT and the food came out fast, it's a decent place to eat. Plus the drinks are FANTASTIC too.


Zane Morrison

7 months ago

Great food and lovely environment altogether. Parking was difficult to find but it was worth it truly. Great place for that early-night date or afternoon brunch.


Chad Moreland

a month ago

Beautiful ambiance, great food, but horrible staff. The host, a server and manager were all very rude to me after I told them one of my seven orders was missing. I didnt want my colleague to go without lunch, so of course when I checked the bag and realIzed her order was missing, I spoke up to the host to see about the order being prepared and placed with my other orders. He made the situation awkward by placing the bag with my orders on the hostess stand and checked, very slowly mind you, to see what orders I had versus what was missing. I had already done the work for him before approaching him, but I wasnt offended by him double checking behind me. What bothered me was his snarky attitude and how slow he was going as a line of other guests began to develop behind me. After emptying the bag and scattering all of the orders on the host stand, he went to the kitchen to bring out a server, who was confused and didnt seem to understand him as he explained the issue to her. So, I repeated to her the issue, also adding that my side of black beans was in a small four ounce cup and I that I would like another side of black beans. For no logical reason, she sent the manager out who also spoke to me rudely and treated me as if I was a problem, which was not the case. He had no right to treat a customer with an eye roll and a scoff, and yet he did after I answered his question of what the issue was regarding my order. Take your hard earned money and go somewhere else. Customers deserve quality service and this business does not provide that.


Michael Furman

3 months ago

OMG this place is AMAZING! First of all the food came out for us faster than any dinner restaurant I've ever been to, and second, the food was absolutely 10/10 delicious ! The place has a wonderful welcoming atmosphere too. I might label this place as the best restaurant I've ever been to in Charlotte!

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