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Terrill Shelly

10 months ago

Bait & switch. Sold me a suit at a clearance price and then cancelled my order. Tried to resell me the same suit at full price. Poor customer service and doesnt keep promises. I will not trust my future business here.


Mr. and Mrs. Phelps

4 years ago

I would not recommend this company to anyone. Stay far away. Whether your a professional athlete or the average employee please read this post before doing business with this company. Terrible business by promising a product, and not being able to deliver. This business charged a rush order with the intentions of completing a quality product. After I asked several times if the time was manageable their response was "yes being its just a vest that has to be made". I wish they would of been up front with me and told me this before getting my hopes up for a quality product. Company could not deliver on the most important day of my life, which was my wedding. It's a shame that I had started telling people about their business, and this is the type of business practice they have. They told me initially that they could deliver in a timely fashion by making me pay a higher price. However they still was not able to deliver on their word. I ended up reaching out to them before they told me they couldn't make the best in time. I reached out to them to find about all this information. They ended up refunding me my money back. Would not recommend this business to anyone.


Derek Bullard

a year ago

It pains me to write this review as I want local small businesses to be successful. However, I could not in good faith ignore the problems I have had and know that others may have the same issue. On March 6, 2017 I purchased several custom shirts from William Wilson Clothing. I was told the shirts would be delivered within 3-4 weeks. After not hearing anything I left a voice message and texts. I eventually get a text from William Wilson saying they should be in late April (Almost 8 weeks after order) with no explanation. After not getting a call or text for several weeks I reach out a month later on May 22, no response. Reach out again June 5th was told via a one sentence text that items would be in last week (Week of June 12th). I finally received the items I purchased on June 23, 2017. Oddly enough, the tag on my shirts had a date of June 3rd 2017 on it. This strongly leads me to believe that my shirts were not ordered until that day (a full three months after I paid and ordered my shirts). This would explain why I received my shirts almost three weeks later on June 23, 2017. I am disappointed as I have purchased suits in years past from William Wilson Clothing and had no issue. I never received an apology or explanation for why it took almost 4 months to receive shirts that should have taken three weeks.


Phan Nueman

2 years ago

The best men's suit designer in town hands down.


Sheron Cyrus

a year ago

5 star gentleman