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Sue Nell Fuller

6 months ago

My daughter and I love to entertain! However with the pandemic plans were put on hold. We just ordered invitations from the new Buttercup and we were absolutely thrilled with every part of the process. We live almost 2 hours away and it was so easy to work with their wonderful staff. Gorgeous selection of papers, beautiful print options and the turn around time was amazing. Please do yourself a favor---for all your printing needs call The Buttercup---they will make sure you have an event to remember with the most elegant paper out there!


Amy Foley

10 months ago

If you havent visited the new location of the Buttercup you must!! The owner, Kim, has the shop packed with beautiful, one of a kind gifts. The new shop is amazing! Gifts for everyone! Conveniently located in Myers Park - please go visit for your next gift purchases. Great gifts all of the time but Kim does an excellent job with holiday gifts and decor plus fun entertaining items for Kentucky Derby, colleges and Charlotte themed items. Always a treat to shop in The Buttercup!!


Mary Richard McCoy

10 months ago

The Buttercup is my favorite local gift shop! Perfect for gifts, invitations, and stationery! Fun, unique gifts! Their gift wrapping is beautifully done! Easy in and out in heart of Myers Park!


Gabrielle LaSpina

3 years ago

I admit to having high expectations, however when paying a pretty penny for a service - I feel justified in having those expectations met. We used The Buttercup for our wedding invitation suite as well as their in-house printing for addressing. The invitation suite that we ordered from William Arthur was beautiful; the problems came with addressing and their in-house printing service. I spent hours working on our invite list of addresses to ensure that it was correct with the exception of some additional changes due to our guests moving, and then finalized it and sent it off to the Buttercup. I then had to re-edit their listing that was sent to me for approval THREE different times due to careless errors (on their end) with mistyped zip codes, towns, and misplaced punctuation (which were correct on the list that I provided to them). They disclose that clients must review their list and they are not responsible for typos, which I can respect - but not if they are the ones making the errors - AND 3 different times no less? I am sorry, but I am paying for a service and these types of mistakes should not happen when using a boutique shop. When I received the final envelopes from them, once again - incorrect punctuation printed and about 10 of them were off centered.. I needed to hand-address some. The final straw was when I needed 5 additional envelopes addressed several weeks later so I sent an email with the addresses.. picked them up and went to drop them in the mail, and noticed 2 out of the 5 had incorrect spelling of a last name and punctuation errors. Needless to say, I was now beyond frustrated. Clearly no one is checking these before they are delivered to their clients which I find unacceptable. The Buttercup did offer us 25 personalized stationary cards for any inconveniences, but we declined this offer as we just didn't really feel that would make up for the careless mistakes made and the additional time and frustration that resulted from it. On top of it all, the owner never once attempted to reach out to apologize which is just poor service for a small business. We had planned on using them for our programs and menus, but due to the quality of their in-house work, we made the decision to look elsewhere and unfortunately wouldn't recommend them.


Caroline Franks

4 years ago

Was referred to The Buttercup by my future in-laws whom have been in the Charlotte area for 25+ years. The staff are so much fun to work with and very knowledgeable when it comes to wedding invites. They helped us to find exactly what worked for our wedding and our budget. Not only did we use them for our invites, but they also were able to help design and print some specialty signs for our wedding. My only regret was not stopping by their store to order our save the dates. At the time they were running a promotion where if you ordered three types of items you were eligible for discounts. Will definitely be stopping by to order new thank you notes with my new monogram.

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