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Jeff Maples

6 months ago

We ate there at 200 on Saturday 8/13, still a little crowded. Food and service was very good. I would give 5 stars but I was sitting outside while my wife was waiting on the food, the guy behind the counter seemed very annoyed that he had to come outside to empty the overflow of trash in the trash can. He just shoved it down, and trash flew out and he left some trash on the ground that I had just picked up. He also just left the unused garbage bag on the ground by the trash can. There were also lots of flies around the trash. I will try this place again as it has good food and wine/beer selections. Maybe he was just having a bad day?


Jacqueline Telljohann

3 years ago

After hearing plenty of good things about this place, I finally decided to stop by recently and get some breakfast sandwiches. The layout of the market makes it a little crowded. There's no seating, so all food is taken to go. You order at the deli counter and then pay separately at the cashier. I got ordered an Americano on an everything bagel, a Mercado, and a Torta. The Torta was a little dry. The Mercado was probably my favorite and the Americano was also good. I wouldn't get a bagel againit was quite chewy. The service here was not good. I got a Mercado on a plain bagel instead of the Americano on an everything bagel. They also didn't give me the Torta and I had to re-order. When they take your order, they don't write it down or ask for a name/give you a number. There's a ton of confusion about whose order it is when it's ready. There's also no good way to check your order is right because the sandwiches are wrapped up. The food was pretty good, but given the chaos of ordering, I would have to try to come on a less busy day.


Carlisle Evans

a year ago

I found Belovd super bars here!!! These things are awesome for a quick energy boost before a workout. Raspberry is my fave (sold out) but my safety second (coconut) was still available.


Andy Korczynski

a year ago

This is a regular stop....sandwiches are always great and I love the great local beer selection. On top of all that, they have some really great wine! Awesome to grab a quick meal and also be able to pick up a nicer bottle of wine that isn't overpriced. Only complaint is that it gets really busy (good for them) sometimes, wish I was the only one that knew about this place and all those people would go away!


Sara Mason

2 months ago

I ordered grilled cheese sandwich and the roasted chicken breast, both are good and filling meal for me.

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