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Brittany L.

2 weeks ago

This is a very unique area in Charlotte. I grew up in Charlotte but it has been some time since I've returned to downtown. An event brought me to this place and I was really impressed with what has been done to an area I historically did not venture out to. I loved the cultural influence the venue had and all of the great spaces and small businesses they are able to support. It was a clean space and felt safe with my family while we visited.


Daniel Bar

in the last week

It's amazing to see the growth in the area and what the developers are doing with the old factory buildings. Some great new small businesses are located there with restaurants and fun little events that take place there. Definitely worth a visit when there are events! Excited to see how different this will be in a couple of years from now.


Jeff Pete

a year ago

We love the location in reference to university city. The goats are awesome, always something for my two year old daughter to do and hex coffee to fuel a parent of a toddler. I gave three stars due to us going recently for their new sand set up which my daughter loved, but their big painted tires (neon orange), actually ruined a brand new pair of pants Id been waiting to wear for this specific outing. Heed warning to letting your kids or yourself play on the tires, the paint comes off on clothing and hands.


Rachel Nesman

5 months ago

We went there at night and you could see the city skyline in the distance when you parked. Beautiful! It was a great space but I definitely want to come check it out in a few months because it seems a lot of new shops or restaurants are under construction and are coming soon. It is a great spot but will be even better when more is open! We also ate at Bleu Burger and enjoyed our food!


Gwen Cohen

a year ago

Camp North End is absolutely amazing. We loved Leah & Louise. The food was amazing! Looking forward to trying all the restaurants and activities they have to offer. Loved the Wed Farmers Market. Camp North End rocks!

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