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Nancy Newsome

a month ago

This is an overdue and honest review. This nursery has a nice variety of plants with reasonable prices. We loved that it is not far from the downtown area where we reside. However, customer service goes a long way for us. On quite a few occasions we have seen and heard comments and gestures from the two ladies that work there, that would come across as if they do not appreciate some of their customers. Unprofessional comments in conversations about other customers is never cool. Then I witnessed one of the ladies act as if a customer was invisible. It was very awkward and I thought wow, if I was that customer l would have put everything down and walked away without looking back. I thought wow what if the shoe were on the other foot. There are too many other nurseries in and around town and online to accept this type of behavior from one. The male, whom I believe may be the owner, has always been nice and courteous. We figure the ladies must be family members for hire. They definitely need some courses in customer service or treating others as they would like to be treated.



a month ago

This place is amazing. There were so many plant varieties and they had all the most popular house plants like strings of pearls, birds of paradise, etc. Ill be back soon. The customer service was great. Someone was there to ask me if i needed help.


Jasmine Gunning

3 weeks ago

This place is a plant lover's DREAM! A very large variety of common & more rare houseplants, all at pretty good prices. The plants are obviously very well cared for. Friendly staff.


Tami Henson

a month ago

They had the best selection of indoor plants! This one guy there new all about each plant and gave us the great advice! Will definitely tell my friends to shop here!


Amber Arakaki

5 months ago

Beautiful nursery FULL of house plants and succulents! I felt so happy wandering down the long aisles admiring the beauty and health of their plants. Hanging plants, large bushy plants 6ft+ tall, fiddle leaf trees that were as tall as the green house ($600+ or so?), tiny starters potted cuttings to full pots, succulent galore and so many succulent arrangements both in pots and hanging.....it was AMAZING. They also had Koi Ponds! Looked like prices start at $25. For pond plants, I saw water lettuce. They also had outside plants and flowers both potted and hanging, shrubs and bushes of stuff, and trees. I would say they have a bigger concentration of houseplants and succulents tho. I wanted to take way more home, but I had to resist. I will be back once I get shelves and/or rods up!