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Michelle Myers

3 months ago

Lucky Dog is quite possibility the best thing thats happened to us and our pup, Dallas. The team there loves her and treats her like one of their own. We also love going to the bar and letting her get her energy out while enjoying a couple drinks. The people and vibe are always awesome. Couldnt love lucky dog anymore!


Brooklyn Cousins

7 months ago

We enjoy visiting Lucky Dog. The people, dogs, and environment are great. We love that its laid back and enjoy all the TVs for watching sports. The climate controlled patio is awesome for year round visits. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is the male dogs that mark their territory on everything.


Brittany K

3 months ago

This place has friendly staff and good drinks. I liked that they had spacious play areas for the dogs both indoors and outdoors. They also had dog bowls spread throughout the building and patio for the dogs to get some water when they needed some. My pup definitely had fun!


Alex C

5 months ago

I came by the Bark and Brew to introduce my dog to the environment before signing up. She's almost 2yrs old. We stayed outside the fence for a bit and it went very well while many of the dogs and their owners came by and were very friendly. Only one dog would occasionally come over and start a little barking session. I was ready to sign up. Unfortunately an employee who thinks he's a bouncer came by and announced that either I had to come inside or leave the premises immediately. I explained I was just trying to familiarize my dog before signing up. He didn't seem to care and just shrugged his shoulders. With this warm welcome, I can see why there are few customers in a place that should be doing far better. I'll think I'll skip the Bark and Brew and share my experience with others so they don't have to hear it from this meathead.


Scott Stone

2 months ago

The daycare and boarding is pure trash. Dogs sit in their own filth all day. They dont go outside. They use the bathroom inside. It gets mopped up, but then your dog is slipping and sliding all around on wet slippery concrete while they get mop fluid or urine or whatever else in their coats. Most dogs are terrified. You wont find any positive reviews about their daycare that arent fake. Any positive review you see is about the dog bar where owners are responsible for their own pets. If you want to leave your dog their all day or overnight I heavily advise against it. Ask for a tour. They wont accommodate you unless you give them plenty of notice and thats all you really need to know about how they operate.

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