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Angie Parker

a month ago

I have been wanting to go here for a while! It is bigger, and grander, in person. So many fresh veggies, and fruit to choose from. If you are planning a dish, make sure you have a list of exactly what you want. It can be overwhelming for your first visit. Definitely try the dim sum at the restaurant. And visit the bakery. The bakery food is fresh, and delicious! I will definitely be back to plan my next Korean BBQ!!


Simon Mcqueen

a year ago

I like few products that they have imported. I spent like $200 most each visit.


Alicia Michaels

a month ago

This place is so amazing. It's got a Korean / and Asian cafeteria with dishes I can't find anywhere else. It's got a delicious bakery. It's got Asian home goods. And, it's got an amazing selection of world foods. I can find so many things there. It's so much fun.


Michael R. Ingelsby

4 months ago

This was a nice find while commuting down Independence Blvd. today with my spouse! We wanted to find a specialty store for packaged noodles and Korean specialty foods. This is the place! Priced right, the store was well stocked. Recommend for those looking for foods that cater towards fish, seafood, and noodles, and specialty baked Korean goods. This is worth the occasional trip from South Charlotte.


Maiya Williams

2 months ago

Great for international food/pantry items & produce. I come here to get dish items I would not be able to find anywhere else, & because their stock is consistent I am always able to get what I need. But dont expect service with a smile, or help from the staff, you wont find it here. I also do not buy meat or fish here because the smell tells me everything I need to know, properly stored meat & seafood shouldnt stink.

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