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Brad Kosar

3 weeks ago

Bought a bike for my 6 year old. Was afraid they wouldn't have right size in stock but they have a warehouse on site so no problem on inventory. Was also concerned about buying a $249 bike for a child who will likely outgrow in a couple years; they assured there is a buyback program. Great service.


Declan King

3 weeks ago

The selection of bikes was ok and the staff was very helpful, but the bikes themselves were very expensive.


super man

2 months ago

Bad experience. The staff is very unfriendly. Ridiculous!!! Wouldnt recommend.


Michael Goodman

10 months ago

Went in thinking I needed 2 tubes for my tires and some other adjustments. They realized I didn't need the tubes so they just added air and adjusted my brakes. They could have easily sold me something I didn't need but they didn't take advantage of a potential customer and that's very appreciated! Honesty and knowledgeable staff, great customer service, and nice to chat with as well.


Kathleen Pitocchelli

a year ago

These people, particularly James, at the Spirited Cyclist, Davidson, NC store, are superior human beings, on top of, from what I can tell, being of great bike knowledge. I am the Mom of an adult person with a contained, but active, mental illness. Josh wanted a bike for his birthday; I found Spirited online; James professionally picked out a probably PERFECT used bike for Josh. I bought the bike, the accoutrements and the world was good. Some few hours after we got home with this fine, oh yes, so fine, bike package, Josh decides he doesn't want the bike. Fast forward, Spirited doesn't take back used bikes. Company policy. James tells Josh this when Josh calls to arrange a return. Oh . . . . Nonetheless, because he's Josh, the next morning, Josh packs up bike and stuff, takes it to Spirited, and after being told that James would call him within hours, leaves the bike, etc. Within an hour, Josh is advised that he could have a full refund. I am so grateful to the Spirited Cyclist, Davidson. This is a case of the money and the principle. There are regular people in this world, and there are, from above, business persons who aspire to building their reputation on integrity. Do heed me. The Spirited Cyclist in Davidson rocks in every way good. Kathie Pitocchelli