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Taylor Praeger

4 months ago

My husband, 5 month old daughter, and I went to restaurant X last night for the first time and will definitely be going back. The owner and his son were our waiters, they were both so kind and clearly proud of their establishment. They paid special attention to my daughter and made sure we had everything we needed to make her comfortable as well. If you want to eat somewhere that not only has excellent food but you will get treated like family this is the place!


Lindsey Sheffield

3 months ago

The staff is warm, friendly, and helpful. This is a family-run restaurant and you feel like you are enjoying a home-cooked meal. Prices are reasonable and service is impeccable! This is a frequent stop for us.


Charlotte Binder

a month ago

Wanted to love it and had been looking forward to trying it, but won't go back. Their hamburgers are humongous (1/4 lb) so more than I can eat. I started to ask if they had a smaller burger or a child's burger, but I was cut off and told that I could not have a child's burger... they "just wouldn't do that". It's only a $4 difference and I would pay regular price for the smaller burger like I have at other places, but they flatly refused. Unfortunately they only use soybean oil and I'm allergic to it so the only side dish I could eat was a dry salad with some vinegar (bleh) so I declined a side. My daughter had the tilapia with potatoes and said it was delicious. Just as we received our dessert the owner asked us to move and let another party have our table, but he worded it oddly so we weren't sure what he was asking at first so we didn't immediately say yes. So he got exasperated and huffed, "Well you can say no!" So I told him we'd be done shortly and they could have our table then. He said nothing else... no smile, no nod, no apology... just turned and walked away. He had wanted us to move right then and take all of our winter coats, bags, and things to another table to finish our meal instead of seating the other party at those tables. When we got the bill there was no adjustment for not being able to provide a side dish that didn't contain soy, but after the reaction for asking for a smaller burger and the owner's anger over us not relocating to another table, I really wasn't surprised. Who asks patrons to move all of their dishes, drinks, coats, and purses to another table just so they can give the table to someone else? Who does that? That's pretty rude and inconsiderate. Add the rude refusal to give me a smaller burger and not discounting the ticket when there were no suitable side dishes and we won't go back to Restaurant X. I'd rather spend that $60 at a restaurant where we're treated with courtesy.


Hewshal Thornton

6 months ago

Welcome back Nasirah, Nick, and Perry. Outstanding Jurassic Pork Chop with trimmings and the Heavenly Meatballs with pasta was delicious. Everything was prepared perfectly, and tasted wonderful. Top honors to the chef and staff for the cleaning, care, and preparation of the restaurant and our meals, and good luck on your fresh start after the stay home period. We highly recommended the restaurant, and enjoy the personal service and great menu options. 5 out of 5 ! Steve and Delores!


donald smith

4 months ago

Our first visit. Even during the pandemic the service and reasonably priced food were fine. This is a bistro/restaurant that needs to survive. We will become regulars.